I Owe A Lot To the Megatokyo Anime Grand Prix

Throughout the course of watching anime, I’ve never been at a loss for recommendations. One source of them is the Megatokyo Anime Grand Prix. It’s strange, because people don’t usually get to watch shows thanks to some character poll.

I’ve written about it before, but what separates the AGP is the fact that people could influence votes by campaigning for their favorite characters. And when they campaign, they really go all-out. It’s astounding how much fun the campaigns generate. It’s a wonderful meme machine, truth be told.

Here’s a little list of shows that I’d never have watched if not for the AGP:


Before, I thought Aria was a boring show. But I realized that you only had to tune in to its wavelength (the same could be said for every slow show)! Perfect for winding down, which is what I always need after a day at work.

ef – a tale of memories

I usually stay away from visual novel adaptations. But ef-memo was superb. The visual overload worked (which may not be said for the sequel), and the TENMON music was exceedingly heartfelt.

Manabi Straight

When the show was airing, I dropped it at episode 5, citing the all-too-fat faces as a reason. The AGP made me realize how big a mistake I had made. I went and conquered my initial adversity and found an amazing show. It’s my life だから

Hidamari Sketch

During the AGP ’08, we had a SHAFT final–that is, Miyako of Hidamari Sketch and Nozomu Itoshiki of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei fought for the crown. Light won against Darkness, and I was trolled (for lack of a better word). How could this unassuming show be so strong? So I checked it out. I like SZS more, but HidaSketch was a worthy contender in retrospect.

Pani Poni Dash

Hailed to be the better otaku-reference show, I was goaded to watch PPD, having been slightly disappointed at Lucky Star’s later half. But my power levels weren’t strong enough two years ago. Maybe this year.


When the campaigners brought up the main character’s god status, I was instantly transfixed. I had been a huge Haruhi fan, and I wanted to see how Yurie would compare. She’s got a better personality, at least. Kamichu’s a neat, quirky show for everyone.


I was tipped before that Mushishi was one hell of an episodic show, like Bartender. However, I didn’t prioritize watching it very much, until a few AGPs went by with some awesome low-key campaigning. Pure class, and an anime I could show to people who are unappreciative of the medium.

Crest of the Stars

Crest is sci-fi. I should’ve seen it long ago, but the lack of humanoid robots prevented me from garnering enough interest. But there is a die-hard Lafiel faction in the AGP, and they’ve done great work to convince me to watch it. Hilariously, there’s one person who’s just as die-hard anti-Lafiel–watching the show is worth it for countering the butthurt alone!


I normally shy away from yuri. It’s not really my taste, but I did like Kannazuki no Miko back then, which was my first yuri show. It had robots! But other than that, I’m just indifferent to it. Simoun’s sci-fi angle helped, but I’d never be curious enough to read about it if the show never had its own share of AGP supporters. The yuri is surprisingly tasteful thanks to some great world-building.

And that’s not just it, I have several more I want to watch, like Tylor, Kimagure Orange Road, and Black Lagoon.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out omo’s post for more info–who knows, you might discover a new favorite show this year!

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12 Responses to I Owe A Lot To the Megatokyo Anime Grand Prix

  1. omo says:

    It always is good to read about how other people are influenced by this little game lol. Sadly this almost never happens to me 😦

    There is something pleasantly empowering and democratic about the whole thing.

  2. Nice! I learned about some of these shows myself from the contest, and all of yours are fucking great shows, too! I’m glad that you got to watch them!

  3. ToastCrust says:

    Most of the stuff I’ve watched is just from roaming the internet randomly, really, like a rogue.

    I usually try to check out most anime per season, at least. More than maybe 4-6 years ago though, most anime I watched was just random things I happened upon. I don’t even *remember* how I heard of PPD, but man did I like it.

    I am reminded that I still need to finish Manabi Straight, though. An unfortunate HDD failure stopped me from ever picking it up again (amongst a number of other anime). I also really should go watch HidaSketch, and finally finish Kamichu! (when it aired, all the fansubs spontaneously died due to licensing, so I’ve never really gone back to finish it since then, but I remember having a really great impression of it).

    But yeah, I just hear most either through checking an entire season, or from talking with people on blogs or forums (or checking out forums–I caught onto Yamamoto Youko purely because of the first time I stumbled on this site).

    • schneider says:

      You’re not the only one who has lost shows to watch because of dying HDDs–I was supposed to rewatch Wing in remastered quality, as well as Gundam ZZ, but poof.

      Glad to hear about the Yamamoto Yohko thing, though! Thanks for reading this blog.

  4. TheBigN says:

    omo: Isn’t that because you’ve watched all those shows already? πŸ˜›

    A lot of these shows I’ve seen already, and I’m not sure whether or not I’ve contributed to you deciding to check out these shows, but this is one thing I do enjoy from the AGP as well.

  5. dm says:

    I picked up Magical Pokaan because of lastarial’s dedication one AGP. Glad I did.

    And Xam’d thanks to Omo in another AGP. Bamboo Blade, thanks to last year.

    I think it works the other way, too — one long matchup between Rakka and Nayuki had the effect of making me figure out and put into words just what it was I dislike about Key adaptations in general and Kyoto’s in particular. I’m finding this has the ironic effect of making it easier to watch Clannad (which, in a commodious vicus of recirculation, I find I have to follow up with a Yamamoto Yohko chaser).

  6. sadakups says:

    Oh, so you’ve seen ef- a tale of memories, also known as 50 First Dates The Animation Emotastic Version.

    Truth be told though, I love that show. Who would have thought that a sequence composing of Japanese text writing on the screen as well as a countdown timer be that impressive?

    Too bad the sequel increased the emoness and lost the same magic as the first one.

  7. Yi says:

    “I normally shy away from yuri. It’s not really my taste, but I did like Kannazuki no Miko back then, which was my first yuri show. It had robots!”

    We are completely different in this aspect of taste…

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