The Prettiest OP of Them All is Also the Most Misleading

Figured that I’ll do a quick post before I turn to my longer projects.

I want to bring to your attention this OP from Metal Armor Dragonar:

This was made by a man named Masami Obari, who is the Japanese equivalent of Rob Liefeld (instead of drawing buff people in disturbing proportions, he draws buff mechs in disturbing proportions, and that is A Good Thing). This is the prettiest OP I’ve ever seen during its time period, the 80’s real robot boom. It’s got OVA quality written all over it–sweet mechanical detail and incredible smoothness. The 2nd OP is a little less good, but see it for yourself anyway.

Unfortunately, it’s probably the only thing Obari ever did in this show, because the actual animation of this 48-episode TV series is a crock of shit. As the story goes, Sunrise wanted to make something that would replace Gundam, so Dragonar was born. It was a lighter version of the original Mobile Suit Gundam, except you have three Judau Ashtas in place of Amuro Ray, and no Bright Noa to put them in line either. The series did kick into high gear by the second half, but the show is probably more remembered for sending people to the Netherlands instead of an EWACS mech fucking a large enemy over by the power of DISRUPTING COMMUNICATIONS. I still like it.

There aren’t even proper subs, which is a shame. One alternative that I recommend you to try, however, would be playing Super Robot Wars A or MX to see the show’s mechs in action.

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6 Responses to The Prettiest OP of Them All is Also the Most Misleading

  1. Kurotsuki says:

    It’s true that the first opening is real mecha pr0n, I nearly got a boner watching it. It’s like it combined the sexyness of the Macross Opening and the Zeta Gundam Openings.
    I wanted to watch that show one day, but then you went and said 3 Judau and NO bright. urgh. The sending people to Netherlands part looks lulz enough though. but beside that, is it really worth the watch ?

  2. sadakups says:

    That is some awesome shit. I still haven’t got myself to watch 80s mecha. Where’d you get these?

    • schneider says:

      There are torrents floating around in the usual places, but be warned: those are HK subs. They’re of the more palatable variety, though, and it’s better than watching the show raw.

      • Kurotsuki says:

        aargh, HK are pretty much the same as watching it raw for me =/
        A quick glance at the tosho shows that there are only raws available. Probably have no seeds either. ;_;

  3. sadakups says:

    Yeah, I feared the same thing. With old anime titles comes HK subs. Which I got when I bought my G Gundam collection.

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