Heroman: Those All-Too-Human Eyes

When I watched Heroman, the titular robot’s eyes struck a chord with me.

Where else have I seen this?

Ah, there.

If you’ve ever watched the Giant Robo OVA (if not, please do, it’s very, very good!), you’d notice the expressiveness in Robo’s eyes. Robo’s face doesn’t really change, but its eyes seem to etch an expression on it, depending on the camera angles. Robo might be staring you down in one scene, or recoiling in shock in another.

But Heroman’s face is more organic, its eyes even more human-like. It can regard its master with a dash of condescension, or grit its teeth in an intense struggle with the enemy. The boy-commands-robot concept is there, but Joey Jones uses a futuristic-looking glove instead of a wristwatch. I don’t know exactly why, but I am very much hyped about this.

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9 Responses to Heroman: Those All-Too-Human Eyes

  1. ToastCrust says:

    I really enjoyed it.

    Though I must admit, all the while I live streamed it, I made a ton of “IN AMERICA” jokes at its expense.

  2. Shay Guy says:

    I haven’t even seen Giant Robo yet (despite having bought it MONTHS ago) and I still knew enough to describe Heroman as “Spider-Man meets Giant Robo.”

    • Same. I haven’t finished watching Giant Robo either(watching them several months apart for the Giant Robo experience), and I noticed that it was very similar to it as well.

  3. DTU says:

    That’s totally it man. I thought it was very Giant-Robo-esque, with the Robot that shows emotion, yet knows no emotion (Giant Robo scene where he cried aside).

    One of my readers pointed out that Heroman’s design resembles an American Dix-Neuf to a degree. Probably not so much that it’s a homage or anything, but it was interesting to note nonetheless.

    That being said, I love Heroman’s design. The second someone puts out a figure of this thing, I’m getting one.

  4. DTU says:

    Also to those watching GR atm: Check over to the english dub occasionally. It’s actually really good, particularly towards the end of the series.

  5. Snark says:

    Giant Robo. In America!

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  7. Joey is a girl. No matter what everyone says.

  8. Yi says:

    Those puppyish eyes are actually kind of creepy when I first saw them. I couldn’t pinpoint why they look so weird until I read this post. They’re too human…

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