Maid RPG: What is this I don’t even

One of my Dive Into the Sky buddies decided to GM a Maid RPG session during our day off. This is the first tabletop RPG out of my limited experience to facilitate random character creation. And it is a hoot from square one.

I rolled a maid who is a sexy lolita and a mummy. What? It gets better: she turns out to be a former prostitute who was raised by abusive parents, and has become a maid to punish herself (!!!). When things get out of hand, she complains about anything and everything. It’s like one of those Puru clones!

My companion was a bit more normal: boyish and pure, secretly an assassin working for revenge, with fox ears (but having a cat accent nya~). She launches into uncontrollable crying fits if things don’t go her way.

We got a butler (who is an NPC with slightly different rules from maids) who is an austere, dependable man in his 50s, and is a cyborg. I picture him with this voice. Our master (who is like a GMPC of sorts) is a hikky NEET whom we haven’t even seen yet–he refused to meet us!

As for the actual session, it was not dice-centric at all–we only had to roll once, and it was for cooking dinner (my sexy loli mummy managed to bake a very scrumptious set of dinner rolls). The majority of the session was spent exploring the mansion, which was ridiculously big. It also had this portrait somewhere. DUN DUN DUN

I’m not really into anime maids but I found the game to be rather fun. My only problem was that my PC was too out there, and I have no inkling how to roleplay a loli. So I handwaved it a bit, and assumed that my PC had developed a sense of stoicism after all those years of abuse. What kind of parents get their daughter to sell her young, nubile body and turn her into a mummy?

Mad scientists, I tell you.

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10 Responses to Maid RPG: What is this I don’t even

  1. 2DT says:

    Oh my gosh. I LOVE Maid RPG!

    I did a demo game with the translator a couple years ago, and it was a blast. I recall I rolled a brown-skinned, redheaded android with some kind of iron willpower specialty. When things got bad, she had to run away and be alone, which I tried to use to my advantage to save everybody from a bomb. I don’t remember how that ended, but I don’t think it worked.

    Random character generation used to be the way things were always done, so in a sense you were indulging in a historical throwback. Sounds like you had fun, too. 🙂

    • schneider says:

      Yeah, I had loads of it. But man, I wish I got a robot maid instead. Curse your luck.

      Most of the time we spent yesterday was spent on rolling for our characters, so I’m expecting more maid stuff in the next session.

      I guess rolling for stats might be too much for the more action-oriented RPGs, but Maid is just all-out funny.

  2. ToastCrust says:

    Maid RPG is good fun.

    Last time I ran it though, I kind of made a mistake on some of the rules, so things went south sometimes, lol.

    There were a few people who weren’t really into it either, which can really kill a Maids game, unfortunately.

  3. I want to play too. ;A;

  4. JELEINEN says:

    The rules to Maid look fun, but reading the examples and re-plays in the book set my teeth on edge. I’m really not sure I could actually enjoy the game or not.

  5. Velore says:

    Maid RPG? Okay, I’ve seen everything in my life. Thanks for letting me know..


  6. Anya says:

    Whaaaaa I want to play >_< is it something that can be played online?

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