Two Lessons I Learned From Karaoke Night


When I am sick and can’t go to the doctor, I can rely on two people to call: Ginko from Mushishi, or Medicine Seller from Mononoke. Ginko’s the chill guy I’d love to hang out with, but I found Medicine Seller’s methods to be more appealing–he could diagnose if I am already dead in the first place (thankfully negative), or if my PC has spawned some evil spirit out of my lustful desires (thankfully hasn’t happened… yet). And he has a sword. Swords are cool.

So, content on swallowing those pills and trading porn, I was a happy, healthy man.

That changed all but a few days ago.

Me and a few friends were having Karaoke Night. One of them hit up The Sore Feet Song, which you might know as Mushishi’s gentle, mood-setting OP. I craned my head back, and reclined on the sofa as my friend sang.

After the first chorus, however, me and my other friends were immediately drawn back from our peaceful relaxation:

I stole ten thousand pounds, ten thousand pounds to see you,

Wait, what? I blinked my eyes, and slapped my ears with my palms to make sure my senses weren’t playing with me.

I robbed convenient stores ’cause I thought they’d make it easier.

What the hell. Also, why is the video showing footage of redneck bikers on Harleys?

I lived off rats and toads, and I starved for you.


I fought off giant bears and I killed them too.

Holy fucking shit. If this song doesn’t allude to Ginko, I don’t know what else does.

I thought Ginko was already a quiet badass, but whoever knew he was this hardcore? Inside that backpack of his is undoubtedly a potent and deadly array of mushi to unleash at a moment’s notice, but that would be wasting those poor green little things. Ginko would rather punch that bear instead. Who needs a stupid sword?

So, I’m returning your pills, Medicine Seller. Oh, and take that ugly porn of yours with you as well. I don’t need it.


MAGIC is extremely gay. And I sang it.

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13 Responses to Two Lessons I Learned From Karaoke Night





    • schneider says:

      I need you oh so close to my heart
      Come into my world we can, “share everything there”
      I need the magic light from the start (magic)
      Then you’ll be lover, magic undercover,
      – No one will be stopping us now

  2. Shinmaru says:

    I still regret not having the time to do karaoke when I went to Anime Expo last year. Argh.

  3. LMAO I think everyone makes some kind of reactionface.gif when they first hear the second verse of the Sore Foot Song. I would karaoke it myself, but I always feel like it’s cheap if I do songs that aren’t in japanese >.<

    • schneider says:

      I vaguely remember listening to the full song beforehand, but this one was just a big surprise.

      And yeah, I was cheap singing MAGIC on weeaboo karaoke. But it was the easiest song I could sing.

  4. We were laughing really hard because we were interpreting it as a really scary stalker song.

    Hey, even if Magic is gay we did SKILL together so it balances out.

  5. ToastCrust says:

    Yeah, the full Sore Feet Song has been a favorite for a long time.

  6. Canne says:

    I was always afraid of karaoke. Oh wait, I shouldn’t be because I have no friends >_<

  7. ottocycle says:

    Singing alone isn’t much fun IMO…

    Your karaoke gathering sounded like a lot of fun. Makes me feel like joining in and drowning you guys with my bastardisation (not rendition) of Human Touch.

    Having Skill at any karaoke session pretty much makes it an auto-win. Or Cha-La Head Cha-La :3

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