A Father’s Day post, featuring robots… and fathers

It’s Father’s Day today. I wanted to write a list post about loving, awesome dads in anime, but I think the mere existence of Gendou Ikari snuffs out any growing notion in my mind that they exist. And I need to do this quick, since my dad is taking us somewhere today~!

That out of the way, have a go at this song:

There will be a tomorrow
when even this little bird that turned from his parents
can someday return to their kind bosom, right?
Yet why can’t I even meet father’s shadow?
Am I going to cry?  No way, I’m a man.
I believe, I believe in that day,
the day I embrace my father in my arms.

This ED, Chichi wo Motomete, is arguably more representative of the series than its OP, Voltes V no Uta.

One reason why Voltes V is very beholden in the Philippines, is because at its the very heart is a search for a father. Ken’ichi, Daijirou and Hiyoshi fight in the hopes of finding their father, Dr. Kentarou Go, who had gone missing. It took decades after a politically-induced cancellation to re-air the series in full, culminating into a TV movie of the last few episodes that Toei lovingly compiled for us.

Which just means that a whole lot of people never got to see the end of it. An entire generation lived and died without knowing the ultimate fate of Dr. Kentarou.

But it was a happy ending. And I had thought as a kid that it would end badly–that Dr. Kentarou would take a bullet for his sons, or that he had died already before seeing them again. Already a cynic by age 11, I was not prepared for a tearful, yet happy reunion.

I’m probably being sentimental again. But when my younger self stayed up late to finish that TV movie, I felt an end of an era.

Happy Father’s Day!

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2 Responses to A Father’s Day post, featuring robots… and fathers



    Thank you~

  2. Shance says:

    Dude, thank you for doing justice to a part of my childhood. The era may end, but it may be relived.

    That way, we both look back at the days of the old, and tell each other, “So that’s how it was.”

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