Help Me Compile A Non-Weeaboo Playlist

Thanks to Lain, I have been hooked on Duvet (which was performed by Bôa, not to be confused with BoA). Now, I’ve been meaning to compile a non-weeaboo playlist of English anime songs, with the noble intent of suppressing my power levels.

So, help? I don’t know much, aside from Oasis (Eden of the East), Ally Kerr (Mushishi), Warren Wiebe (Gundam X), Yoko Kanno and Friends (GitS: SAC, Wolf’s Rain, etc), and whatnot. Oh, and ELISA’s ef songs are out, because.

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31 Responses to Help Me Compile A Non-Weeaboo Playlist

  1. gaguri says:

    One of my favourites are OP and ED from Kaiba (both english of course).

  2. lelangir says:

    Paranoid Android doesn’t count.

    Could check out Blue Gender’s dubbed OP/ED, which are pretty darn good IMO. Too bad the ED has no full English version.

  3. omo says:

    The Delgados
    Juno Reactor
    Backstreet Boys
    Daft Punk (tho this is a bit overexposed)
    Origa (I guess it’s YK and Friends, but she has solo stuff)
    Maybe some Mika Arisaka.
    Maybe Galneryus
    Maybe Bless4 (loool)

  4. Kode-Dekka says:

    I’ll list all of the songs I know:

    Pursuing My True Self – Shihoko Hirata
    We’re not Alone – Coldrain
    White Wishes (English version) – Boa

    I don’t know many 😦

    (also the first and last are from games, but they sort of count)

  5. dood says:

    Mushishi’s opening

  6. TheBigN says:

    Franz Ferdinand
    Duran Duran

  7. MAGIC

    You know what I’m talkin’ bout ^_~

  8. Our good friend Ottocycle has compiled a list:

  9. Delgados is the strongest. I don’t know anything that hasn’t been named though.

  10. ToastCrust says:

    Wow, I never thought about hidden power level like this.

  11. Oh. no one mentioned the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack yet. Call Me Call Me, Gotta Knock a Little Harder, Don’t Bother None, etc.

    Incidentally, I’ve made this playlist before lol.

  12. Obviously, Fire Bomber English Fire.

  13. Ian K says:

    Jean-Jacques Burnel (Gankutsuou)
    Nujabes (Samurai Champloo)
    RZA (Afro Samurai)
    John Sykes (LEgend of the Black Heaven)
    Becca (Kuroshitsuji & Ultraviolet Code 044)

    And, depending on your tolerance for engrish:

    Boom Boom Satellites (Bonen no Xamdou, Appleseed, & Vexille)
    Mell (Black Lagoon & Rideback)
    Yasushi Ishii (Hellsing TV)

  14. I thought for a moment that you were looking for songs that weren’t from any manga or anime for a change.

    Guess I’ll keep my enka songs to myself.

  15. OGT says:



  16. 2DT says:

    It isn’t anime music as such, but “Twilight” by ELO is probably required listening. It’s been the rallying theme song of the modern otaku generation since 1983, after all.

  17. sadakups says:

    I bet Duvet got stuck in your head for days like Lain getting hooked to the Wired.

    As for the songs, sorry, I can’t contribute. I practically have Duvet and Falling Down in my head right now.

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