Yet Another Strike Witches Post, This Time For My Favorite Character

When it comes to Strike Witches, my favor goes to Gertrud Barkhorn. This is a strange choice, since she is not very popular with the show’s target audience (obviously, I am not part of it). She’s far from adorable, and has no real girly charms to speak of. She’s not even fleshed-out very well–I found her backstory quite uninteresting, injured little sister and all.

I guess if you’re looking for wacky squad hijinks, Trude is utterly unlikable. Hell, she’s the killjoy in the show. She’s always nagging on Erica, and everyone else who doesn’t conform to her standards of being a soldier.

But in terms of outlook and personality, I’m with Trude all the way. In a show where the horrors of war take a backseat in favor of Roman holidays or Quidditch training, Trude is fighting to turn this show into a mecha anime.

Why do I like that? The fights in Strike Witches are quite good, and I want to see more–who else will I turn to but to the girl who dual-wields machine guns and uses them as clubs? I usually don’t go for such earnestness, but Trude is a constant reminder of how much ass these girls could kick, if they put their minds to it.

And well, she could look cute if she wanted to…

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9 Responses to Yet Another Strike Witches Post, This Time For My Favorite Character

  1. LOL

    My favorites are Hartmann, Bishop, and the white-haired lesbians

  2. ToastCrust says:

    I have a tough time picking.

    On most days I’ll favor Eila. But Sanya and Barkhorn rotate in at whims quite frequently.

  3. Trude and Erica are the best. I’d love to listen to their banter in German. Minna is ok too. I’d watch the shit out of a spin-off about the Karlsland trio.

    Now if they somehow get together with Justina and go on some adventures, that’d be so awesome the world might implode!

  4. Zyl says:

    YES! Great to see another Trude fan. For me, her cuteness lies in the gap between her usual Serious Business demeanour and (the embarrassment at) her surprisingly tender feelings (for Chris and the rest of the SW gang).

  5. TheBigN says:

    My top three are Mio, Erica and Eila in descending order.

    But besides that, I like Trude’s feats of super strength, I like how Erica keeps telling her to calm down a bit (and really she should), but she doesn’t listen, and I especially like her siscon and how it’s memetically applied to her relationship with Yoshika. 😛

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