Last Exile and A Familiar Face

The first episode of Last Exile had really good fleet scenes, bearded men in funny hats, and musket warfare on flying ships. A very strong opener, but I’m still wary on setting my expectations too high.

But most importantly, it has this character:

Even if the show descends into an utter trainwreck, I won’t be fazed. Go get ’em, Lavie!

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23 Responses to Last Exile and A Familiar Face

  1. super rats says:

    I enjoyed Last Exile. As far as things go, it’s on the upper end of Gonzo’s list, one of those cases where they made a show that was watchable to the end. The world setup itself was interesting.

  2. IKnight says:

    That fringe. Those goggles.

    As super rats says, the setting’s interesting. Certainly I found it sustained my interest even when other parts of the package didn’t.

  3. Panther says:

    Last Exile was pretty good for me, one of the first classics I watched. The ending felt rushed to me, but otherwise the show itself was good throughout. Just live through the Gonzo ending.

  4. dm says:

    Not just a familiar face, but those are Chiwa Saito’s pipes bemoaning poverty in the kitchen.

    Sadly, Lavie fades into the background a bit as the series progresses, but that’s partly because the series picks up a lot of other characters to (deservedly so) spotlight.

    • schneider says:

      I looked it up, and you’re right. Nice to hear her in this.

      • dm says:

        I think Last Exile is when I first fell in love with her voice acting, and she became an actress I’d follow (it’s also the first role I saw her in, though I guess I didn’t fall in love enough to back-track through Kokoro Library just for her voice).

  5. Hogart says:

    Last Exile had some choice scenes, and some of those airship designs were just ridiculous. Chivalry!

  6. Vendredi says:

    You are in for a real treat – I wouldn’t call Last Exile a complete masterpiece, but it remains consistently gorgeous. And don’t fret, Lavie gets plenty of time in the spotlight when the situation calls for it.

  7. Owen S says:

    There really isn’t a “Gonzo ending” iirc, or at least not as maligned as the others would make it out to be!

    Enjoy. Is this honorary /m/ too? 😀

  8. kadian1364 says:

    Pretty good cartoon, even with some questionable developments towards the end. I’d still put it as Gonzo’s #3 best show behind Gankutsuou and NHK.

  9. Canne says:

    Last Exile is one of my all time favorite despite many people’s reserved response to it. Just wait until you see Delphine ;P

  10. Evan Krell says:

    Last Exile! I really adore this show. The highlights really make up for the occasional odd parts and.. questionable ending. The designs in this show are what got me really into Range Murata’s work.

  11. ToastCrust says:

    It’s a fun experience, so totally go for it.

  12. TheBigN says:

    Last Exile is fun, and Lavie is also my favorite character in the show. I’m still annoyed at how her character was used as the story goes along though. :v

  13. Charles says:

    Lavie is a terrific character. I think the best part of the series, though, it just the gorgeousness of Gonzo’s animation. I once did a blog about the series, and my general sentiments can be summed up in this way: “Very good and something I plan to rewatch, but it just never quite met the standards set by great series.”

    In other words, it might be good that your expectations are not too high – mine were after being captured by the animation, character design and storyline. I think it may have become one of my very favorite if I watched it will lowered expectations.

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