I’m Alive! (Updates and Stuff)


I haven’t been posting for a while, since I lost my internet for almost two weeks. Imagine the agony! Anyways, a lot has happened during my absence, so I intend to go through them quickly.

The Death of Ngee Khiong’s Blog

Ngee Khiong, a Gundam/Gunpla-oriented news blogger, has now folded up. In his long post, he cites the pervading animosity of Gundam fans as the main reason. What’s shocking is that I never knew that he had such troubles–Ngee Khiong churned out news at a dizzying pace, keeping people up-to-date with the latest Gundam news. The news truly came out of the blue. I might not agree with some of the points in his post, but it’s a sad day for Gundam fans regardless.

Daitarn III, Fully Subbed

Some /m/anly fansubbers have just completed Daitarn 3, which is an old super robot show preceding Gundam by a year (also directed by Tomino). It is nowhere near as depressing as its sister show Zambot 3, but is double the length. This is important news, considering the amount of time it takes to sub old robot shows that only a handful of people care about. I can’t start on this as much as I’d like to right now, because I’m still preoccupied with the last 30 episodes of Hokuto no Ken.

So please, watch it for me! Here is the awesome Italian OP to whet your appetite:

Giant fans, lightsabers, and a couple of hot women for everyone. Don’t worry, I’ll catch up soon.

Training In the Mountains With Hokuto no Ken

Speaking of Hokuto no Ken, that show is a godsend. During my internet deprivation, I spent a while going through its episodes, which I stocked up exactly for that reason. I managed to finish the Rei-Yuda and Shuu-Souther arcs, in which the show ramps up its manly melodrama factor. I guess the next arc will feature Raoh and Toki facing off, and I’m always eager to see the Kung Fu Jesus in action.

It’s hard to watch Hokuto no Ken objectively at all, since the animation is laughable and it loves to employ flashbacks to stall time, but I can never get enough of it.

The New Season

Fall 2010 is upon us, but I haven’t made the plunge… yet. There’s quite a lot of shows from the previous season that I have to take care of, so for now I’ll keep up with only Star Driver and SRW OG: The Inspector. I’ll pick up Panty & Stocking as soon as I free a slot, too. My pace, my rules~

Gundam Unicorn episode 2, however… I’d drop everything else for it!

A Rival Appears

I started taking weekly bass guitar lessons. An important part of it is regular practice, so that will lessen the total amount of time I need to watch and blog anime. That just means I’ll have to spend my time more wisely, instead of wasting it all on hunting down obscene cartoon pictures. Just so you know!

Other Blog Stuff

I’m thinking of changing my layout, since good old Cutline got replaced by another one that isn’t as good. The breaks are too large for my taste, and I feel like I need a wider layout. If you have any suggestions on which to use, feel free to comment!

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20 Responses to I’m Alive! (Updates and Stuff)

  1. Zeroblade says:

    Oh, my mecha/gunpla/sentai/tokusatsu-loving friend went to Ngee Khiong’s blog all the time for gunpla news. Guess he must be pretty bummed about that.
    I use Freshy2 with the Customize plugin. It’s normally a fixed width of 800px, but I set the blog to work at 1024px, since basically no one uses 800px resolution screens nowadays.

  2. Shance says:

    Amen on Gundam Unicorn Episode 2, brother. Amen.

    Welcome back to the blogging business, Schnei! As for your plans on changing your layout, I browsed a few themes on WordPress.com, and I think Twenty-Ten has the width that your look for, post-body wise. Customizable headers too, and the overall look is just the same as the one you’re using now. It’s worth a try.

  3. Baka-Raptor says:

    Hokuto isn’t really good, but it’s really good for you.

  4. otou-san says:

    I have a band with a serious need for a bass player here (live music capital of america they say but no one wants to play bass), I suppose you living a bajillion miles away is a slight obstacle?

  5. DoctorBaronvonEvilSatan says:

    I’m going to start playing the accordion. Let’s make a band!

    Also, I still don’t know who Sami’s VA should be.

  6. Gorilla says:

    Do you happen to know if Daitarn 3 is somewhere available in italian dub?

  7. moritheil says:

    I think Hotuko no Ken brilliantly illustrates the limitations of objectivity in anime – certain forms of appeal cannot be objective or rational.

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