Oh Wow, Daitarn 3 is Amazing

Owing to my pooped state (2.5-hour traffic jam), I got my brother to sit down with me and watch the 1st episode of Daitarn 3.

It was really good. The first thing that struck me was that the episode was a long, extended ride without any infodumps. It wasn’t explained why there are evil alien cyborgs, where they came from, and definitely not why they are trying to turn beauty pageant contestants into cyborgs as well. For an episode culminating into the defeat of the weekly antagonist, there is a plot from start to finish, with no wasted moment.

Banjo Haran has a suave, ladykiller personality. He’s been compared to James Bond multiple times over the net, and I can totally see the connection now. There’s some nice chemistry between him and his two leading ladies. They’re able to flirt without looking dirty. That’s not easy.

The robot action is a well-directed affair, bringing out the best in a limited budget. The enemy robot put up a really good fight! Daitarn 3 has a lot of weapons, each of which are showcased in a timely manner.

The ones that caught my eye are:

  • A pair of giant fans, with dangling weights at the base
  • A wire thingy (that shoots another wire thingy) that can clamp around the enemy’s limb for lassoing
  • Missiles from the sole of the foot

If I’m not mistaken, Daitarn 3 can also transform into a jet and a tank. That makes it Grungust’s grandfather.

It’s probably too early for me to rave about the show, but it’s impossible not to love.

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