Valkyria Chronicles 2: For Database Animals

Lately I’ve been playing Valkyria Chronicles 2. Not having a PS3, this is the closest I can get to playing the original, and its awesome storyline (I dropped the anime, because it wasn’t really worth anyone’s time).

Instead of a straightforward war story, VC2 is about a class of misfit cadets in a Gallian military academy. The main character, Avan Hardins, is the quintessential enthusiastic guy who sleeps through class and plows through everything else with hot blood and courage. Enrolling into the academy to follow his dead brother’s footsteps, Avan is thrust into the role of the class chair. The antagonists are the rebel army, which seeks to overthrow the Archduchess Cordelia gi Randgriz because of her Darcsen heritage.

It doesn’t sound like anything special. YMMV, I guess. But it completely appeals to my inner database animal.

Each student of Class G has a mission of their own, which you must unlock by playing them to a certain extent. It serves as a vehicle in which someone’s character is revealed (along with any secrets they have), and ultimately improved with Avan’s aid. It’s sort of like every classmate has their own dating sim route.

You wanted to know about the classmates? Here’s some of them:

  • A daughter of a wealthy family who ran away to enroll as a cadet
  • A timid girl who prefers the company of books to people
  • Non-blood-related siblings (one is tsundere)
  • A reverse trap
  • Yamato Nadeshiko who is secretly a gun nut

I’ve actually halted playing the main story (still in April) just so I could continue doing classmate missions. Because some of them are hilarious, like the above. Each classmate is diverse, and the possibilities are quite endless. Could this turn out to be another game I’ll never finish? We’ll see.

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4 Responses to Valkyria Chronicles 2: For Database Animals

  1. kadian1364 says:

    Hate that it’s only on PSP. Who owns a PSP?

    The anime’s story is the same as the game’s, and it trainwrecks at the end in both versions, but overall it works better in the game because you play through the missions and the player is afforded a lot more details about the world, characters, etc.

    Classmate missions sound very cool. How many are there?

    • schneider says:

      The PSP is probably the most ubiquitous gaming platform in our country. 😛

      I heard that the anime’s execution is much worse, though. And it was really bad at spoiling stuff: 2nd OP and Alicia, etc.

      I don’t have an exact number at hand, but I guess it’s more than 20.

  2. KelvinPotato says:

    I’d have to let you know that you’re doing the right thing by halting the main story. Although the story is wonderful in itself, the game just works to frustrate you. If your characters haven’t completed side quests or character stories, you’re a sitting duck regardless of whether it’s your turn or not later on in the game.

    (Personally, I hate the evading characters who do their SWOOPING DIVES to avoid bullets and mortars 90% of the time)

  3. Snark says:

    Nahum is the greatest character ever.


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