Sprite Progression in Ragnarok Online, And How 3rd Jobs Ruined It

Being a longtime RO player, I have always liked the game’s sprite art. A large part of its charm is in its cute anime look, and countless headgear you could equip. And that’s all achieved by sprites.

However, the art of RO sprites have changed dramatically over the years. With the introduction of the Renewal patch, the 3rd Job sprites now look far removed from its predecessors.

Case in point:

(from left: Swordsman, Knight, Lord Knight, Rune Knight)

From Swordsman to Lord Knight, you can see a natural progression. The skirt gets progressively shorter (all the better to move around!), the body type becomes taller and more adult-proportioned, and the armor turns more and more ornate.

But the Rune Knight throws all of that out of the window, except for the more adult body type. Instead of more armor, it throws us a chain-mail bikini instead. Why the sudden change? I read from somewhere that the 3rd Jobs were modeled after the characters in the Ragnarok manwha. That’s funny, when the game has painstakingly avoided the look for so long. I still don’t get it.

The other sprites look even weirder. You can tell they were going for more detail, but the end result looks like a huge fashion disaster. I don’t know what Gravity is thinking anymore!

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15 Responses to Sprite Progression in Ragnarok Online, And How 3rd Jobs Ruined It

  1. Hinano says:

    i wish they’d release RO2 already for crying out loud D:

  2. Rune Knight looks ridiculous, but it *does* look like something out of the manwha lol

  3. Owen S says:

    Are you currently playing this anywhere official? 😐 Would like to join in. Somewhat. Kind of want.

  4. DoctorBaronvonEvilSatan says:

    I remember having a discussion with a friend about this. He mentioned that it was Gravity’s way of turning players off from RO and having them go to RO2. The more we talked about this, the more it made sense. We weren’t drunk.

    Also, I really liked the Female Swordie sprites. I played like a madman because I thought the way they looked up til Lord Knight was really cool. I even made a backstory and stuff. Then when I got to change into Rune Knight, I quit the game because I hated how the damn thing looked. More than the way it basically forced me to ride a goddamn lizard. I was RPing a wandering swordsman so yeah.

    • schneider says:

      Swordies are very cute. My first RO character was one, and never got to Knight 😦

      • DoctorBaronvonEvilSatan says:

        There’s also the fact that they actually looked like adventurers.
        Being the elegan/tg/entleman that I am, that really meant a lot to me.

        Next one would be Huntress but only after I get Elf Ears.

        Grindan games, yeah!

  5. Yeah. A lot of the female 3rd job sprites look pretty slutty. I still like the Archbishop sprites, though. :33333333

    Also, from what I hear, the revealing sprites were the result of Gung Ho’s influence on Gravity. Some guy claiming to be one of the game’s developers said that the Korean employees of Gravity wanted ‘wholesome, family friendly’ sprites, until dem japs took over. I’m not sure if it’s true(can’t even find the original post either) but given the fact that Ragnarok Online is popular in Japan and Japanese companies have a tendency to, you know, include sexualized characters in their media, I wouldn’t say that it’s too far from the truth.

    • schneider says:


      That certainly couldn’t be impossible!

      • DoctorBaronvonEvilSatan says:

        The classes that have the most ero art made of them on Pixiv are still the Acolytes and Swordswomen. The classes with the least revealing outfits. It’s the same philosophy that runs behind the appeal of zettai ryouiki.

        Gravity just really screwed up with the designs.

  6. Gi says:

    Hi there! I so totally agree with your point of view! To me RO sprite’s glory ended with the first transcendent classes. The new class designs got me hating the jobs and not wanting to go near them with a stick.
    Less is more, Gravity needs to learn that.

  7. jinmaelee says:

    Rune Knight sprites were changed into a more armored version of Lord Knights in our server. Just wait I’m sure the patch is on its way to your servers now as well.

  8. Ian Santiago says:

    anyone have robot ears sprites

    please send to me the robot ears
    at kunichiruu@rocketmail.com
    thanks godbless

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