12 Moments of 2010 #11: Ultimate Gespenst Kick!

This post is part of the 12 Days series.

I recall the first SRW TV anime, which was an adaptation of the first Original Generation game. The mechs were rendered in 3DCG, and the action was awkward and slow. The very substandard character animation did not help either. I was resigned to think that SRW would never get a decent anime.

And then The Inspector came out this year. Thankfully, it’s being animated by a different studio, and most of the mechs are hand-drawn now. While OG2 had a myriad plot with tons of characters, the anime is doing a good job of adapting it. It also tries to improve the experience by switching some stuff around, like introducing slightly different mechs for some characters. In most cases, it’s successful.

That said, I was surprised when this came out during episode 7:

Kyousuke’s Alt Eisen is damaged from a previous battle, so he uses a replacement Gespenst Mk II-S (the “S” stands for Super, meaning that it’s tuned for super robot-style combat). Along with Excellen, he goes out to save Gilliam, who bails Princess Shine from would-be kidnappers.

This scene totally comes out the blue, along with the flamenco-themed music. And the Gespenst Mk II-S isn’t supposed to appear until much later! By adding gratuitous English, this show surely knows how to keep me happy.

Needless to say, a lot more awesome moments are yet to appear, but this is just one of many. The gods of /m/ are kind to have answered my prayers.

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2 Responses to 12 Moments of 2010 #11: Ultimate Gespenst Kick!

  1. And the sad part, it only happens in 40 seconds

  2. Bonesy! says:

    All of the mech changes and event changes make OG Inspector so much more worth it than if it was a straight up adaptation of the second game.

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