12 Moments of 2010 #6: Delphine’s Clumsy Sophomore Battle

This post is part of the 12 Days series.

I recall getting pumped up for the Break Blade movies when they were announced over a year ago. I picked up the manga, read a few chapters, and generally enjoyed what I saw, so I waited patiently for the anime to arrive.

The actual transition from panels to animation is nothing short of amazing. Especially the second fight between Rygart’s Delphine and the Lee’s Artemis. Happening by pure chance, Rygart is forced to fight for his life against an experienced pilot in a less capable mech. While Delphine is obscenely strong, Lee carefully keeps her distance, pelting Rygart with shots from long range. However, Rygart is able to defend with his claymore, and both sides strive vainly to bring the other down.

Lee (and Rygart, though he does catch on) doesn’t know about Delphine’s limited operational time, and Rygart can’t use his weapons properly. “He’s swinging his lance! Does he know how to fight?” Lee remarks of Rygart’s tactics. Though with all this, both are fighting with all their heart, for something they believe in–Lee, to stop this prototype that could potentially overrun her country, and Rygart, to return to his friends alive.

It’s primarily a battle that goes nowhere (until reinforcements appear), but a masterfully choreographed one. It’s about two fighters who–both armed with insufficient knowledge and ability to force an advantage–take part in a dance of death. I’d take this over meaningless explosions every time.

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2 Responses to 12 Moments of 2010 #6: Delphine’s Clumsy Sophomore Battle

  1. I want to say Gladiators in mecha, but that’s pretty obscure

  2. Great fight. I loved the tension precisely, precisely due to the constraints in play:

    Limited information available to both combatants.
    Limited ability on Rygart’s part.
    Limited operation time on Delphine’s part.

    The latter two are negated as advantages by the former. Lee couldn’t take advantage and was held to a standstill. It’s the kind of thing that non-fans or casualfags would think of as boring and “nothing happening” but for those who can tell, it is as good as it gets.

    Let’s gattai and do a mecha battle list for 2010 on WRL.

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