Rocket Punch Creativity, and the Refusal Thereof

One nifty thing that Mazinkaiser SKL does that amuses me is the special use of the venerable rocket punch, which is fired to retrieve a fallen weapon to free itself from bindings.

I’ve always thought about using a rocket punch for similar purposes, but so far SKL has been the only show to use it creatively. The last imaginative portrayal of one was in Gaiking: Legend of Daiku Maryu, where the titular robot’s rocket punch didn’t return to its arms on its own (a hilarious moment upon discovery), so Daiya had to fire hooks aft er Gaiking’s flying fists to retrieve them. Maybe someday I’ll list every rocket punch attack in existence.

One of the most stubborn men in super robot history is Sanger Zonbolt, who commandeers the powerful DyGenGuard. While DyGenGuard is more or less a traditional super robot with chest lasers and rocket punches, Sanger strongly declines to use any of them, proclaiming that the Colossal Blade is his soul, and the only weapon he needs.

Did Sanger not imagine the usefulness of separating his robot’s hands from its body? Or is he an obstinate samurai through and through? In any case, it doesn’t really matter. The DyGenGuard is still insanely strong, and enough for slicing bosses apart.

But if he does face off against this new incarnation of Mazinkaiser, he’d be at a disadvantage.

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7 Responses to Rocket Punch Creativity, and the Refusal Thereof

  1. I understand (I have not yet watched it) that the fist of the title robot in Gravion is a detachable vehicle, so that someone has to pilot the rocket punch.

    • schneider says:

      Hmm! I thought I totally missed something. Back in the 80s, Dangaioh had manned rocket punches too, and I guess that was an idea Masami Obari liked enough to repeat in Gravion.

      I should get around to watching that soon.

  2. Gun the ammoless says:

    Daiguard ripped its own arm and flinged it on its enemy, that counts as creativity, right?

  3. Turambar says:

    Well, for the record, the Dygengar does still have one internal weapon remaining where it shoots twin laser blasts out of its shoulders. Sanger isn’t exactly adverse to any of the other more normal super robot moves considering Boost Knuckles and Omega Blast were part of the moves for both the Grungust Type-0 and Type-3. Dygengar just happened to get busted up during its debut and the impending war didn’t allow for any time to make repairs.

    • schneider says:

      I thought that DyGenGuard was the supreme embodiment of his samurai spirit and therefore using such silly weapons would detract him, but I never could read the Japanese script for Original Generations anyway.

      I’ve played OG Gaiden though, which did force Sanger to use those built-in weapons.

      • Turambar says:

        As long as Sanger or his clones continue to swing giant blades and cleave evil, I don’t think any force on earth can detract from their supreme awesomeness.

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