Super Robot Wars Judgment and the Joy of Naming Your Mech

Super Robot Wars Judgment is the latest out of SRW fan-translation efforts. The trend with recent portable SRWs is that it allows you to name your main character AND mech (along with its attacks).

This allows for a lot of fun. But owing to my real robot roots, I picked the blue ranged mech, and named my female protagonist as Meiko Kitamura (in honor of my SRW RP character).

This is my mech:

Of course, there’s less room for creativity for real robot nomenclature, unless you’re Gai Daigouji.

The game itself is great (it has Layzner and Nadesico!), despite the annoying tendency to smother you with reinforcement waves. The amazing thing about SRW is that it makes everything better–not-so-good shows, when brought to interact with excellent shows, become much more awesome. Annoying characters are less infuriating, because they don’t have as much individual screentime, or because the writers cure their failings by bringing in other characters to help (Brightslap, anyone?).

I’ll continue blowing things up with my Mefcannon, if you please.

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6 Responses to Super Robot Wars Judgment and the Joy of Naming Your Mech

  1. Using the same robot (the shooty one), I named mine Tsuki Shiki.


    My attacks are all German synonyms for guns and stuff.

  2. DoctorBaronvonEvilSatan says:

    I get to name my attacks?

    Oh man. I hope I have enough maturity to resist some names.

  3. Turambar says:

    I unfortunately have the personal quirk of always wanting to go with the “canonical” choice, and never take advantage of such things =(

    On the topic of shows reinforcing each other, playing through W now, I have to say, I am pretty impressed with how the game devs wove together the Voltron and GaoGaiGar back stories as well as the Orgun and Tekkaman stories. That and Nadesico Movie Akito’s words for the emo Sosuke on how to handle loss was quite awesome.

    Now if only I can read the text within the game and not need a story walkthrough.

    • Me, I could barely ever use the canonical choice. The only time I did so was in FFX. It was nice but it ended up making me more of a spectator than being so personally engaged (not that I didn’t love the game).

  4. damn I’m slow, can you play this game using some form of GBA emulator you can play on the PC?

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