Orks are super robot pilots

I was reading up on W40k fluff and Orks. Being bred to be the ultimate fighting race, there’s the biological explanation on why Orks are so ubiquitous (they reproduce asexually by scattering spores on the ground, which later turn into Orks) that actually makes sense. A planet that Orks set foot upon will be continued to plague with succeeding attacks, even decades after the last invasion.

They’re also able to photosynthesize, reducing supply lines drastically. Quite wonderful for armies, no? Orks would be unstoppable if they actually set aside their differences with one another. Thankfully, there’s little to no chance of that happening in the future. They’re scary enough as they are!

The most notable thing I picked up, however, is the WAAAGH! effect. Basically, one major feature of the WAAAGH! is that it makes Ork machinery work (even when it normally shouldn’t) based on the Ork’s willpower alone. Give an Ork a broken gun, be enough of a bigger Ork to convince him that it does work, and it will fire bullets.

It’s no different from how super robots can operate based on their pilots’ willpower alone. Even more, green is a color associated with Spiral Power and Getter Rays (though Orks strictly don’t evolve), which kind of solidifies the comparison. In the end, WAAAGH! serves to explain why Orks can go toe-to-toe with technology far greater than theirs, but it’s generally well-written in their background. I approve.

And for them Orks, red does make things faster. I wonder if someone from Games Workshop watches Gundam…

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6 Responses to Orks are super robot pilots

  1. And its also easy to customize their units, just slap more cool things together ^^

  2. ToastCrust says:

    Yeah, Orks have always been a pretty shameless plug into Mecha by GW lol. The Tau get pretty close too, though in a different way.

  3. DoctorBaronvonEvilSatan says:

    You . . . you . . .



    May The Emperor have mercy on your soul.

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