First Person Sigyn

The fourth movie of Broken Blade delivers more good things, but what lingers in my memory is Sigyn’s flashback of seeing Rygart off as he drops out from school. It is shot entirely through her point of view, complete with the out-of-focus stare, the aversion to eye contact, even the mere cadence of blinking. It shows how awkward she is with talking to people, Rygart especially–you can feel her hesitation as she zones out, and her feelings struggling to get out through a feeble confession that ends up being unheard. (I can relate, because I often speak too softly myself that even people right in front of me couldn’t hear.)

And as Rygart leaves, Sigyn blinks a bit longer than usual, as if she’s holding back tears. Cut to her waking up in her chambers, and her eyes are indeed misty.

It’s just a neat directorial trick, but it really caught my eye with how effective it is.

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5 Responses to First Person Sigyn

  1. Stormshrug says:

    Oh my god, you’re right, her vision’s all blurry because she was tearing up. Duh.

    I thought she was just nearly blind.

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