Crouching Loto, Hidden Burner

I always regarded the Loto as an oddity of its neo-CCA, pre-F91 era. It was developed by SNRI before short, compact mobile suits became the norm. I’m glad to see the attempt at drawing a connection to long-established canon.

That said, the Loto is a pretty nifty mobile suit on its own. For starters, it transforms into a tank, not an ugly Valkyrie reject. It has weapon hardpoints (preceding the F90!), a hidden beam burner, and enough storage capacity to carry a small squad of troops. Who needs robot hands when you could have missile tubes instead?

And it looks good! The blocky look is well-deserved here. It’s almost too real to be in Gundam…

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5 Responses to Crouching Loto, Hidden Burner

  1. It’s still a very expensive way to deploy infantry… but I’m glad it exists because mobile suits are supposed to be this versatile.

  2. Tom says:

    Full Frontal is saying “You can’t touch this.” in the header image. XD

  3. Stormshrug says:

    The Loto is the Razorback of Mobile Suits. Not as well-armed as the heavy hitters like the Predator or Land Raider, and not quite as bare-bones as a true dedicated transport like the Rhino, but still cheap enough to justify using as a transport while laying down impressive anti-armor cover fire when necessary after delivering its cargo to the right spot.

  4. I love the loto army b’cos, it’s the most powerful of all warfare and has the pre-required armour to win every adventure ahead over.

  5. aptkane says:

    Nice…yeah, before SNRI took the reigns from Anaheim and the such, they were really unheard of. Glad they’ve been established so well.

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