Look Who’s Doing the Nichijou OP… It’s Hyadain!

I watched the first episode of Nichijou yesterday, I think we can all agree on how weird it is. Moreover, the OP has this strange air that’s different from a normal anime song.

After watching, I made a customary pass on the show’s ANN page, nothing really leaped at me. The seiyuu were unfamiliar (I understand that some of them hailed from Seitokai no Ichizon), but the OP was credited under an artist named Hyadain.

Wait… this Hyadain?

Yeah, it’s him alright. Hyadain is a popular Internet remixer who works on retro game music, primarily the old school Final Fantasies and Megaman games. Some of his more well-known songs are The World Warrior and CRASH!! (Let’s Do It). The funny thing about him is that he has a whole array of voices, from normal to woman to Yaranaika!

Last year he revealed his identity as the professional composer Kenichi Mayamada, and has an impressive amount of work under his belt, like a One Piece OP for starters. At any rate, it’s his work as Hyadain that stands out the most for me.

All in all, what a fun guy.

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One Response to Look Who’s Doing the Nichijou OP… It’s Hyadain!

  1. Matt Wells says:

    Hyadain is indeed awesome. I found his videos around the time I got into Dragon Quest with the DS remakes, and his DQ4 remixes are catchy and downright hillarious. Particuarly Torneko’s song…

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