SaiMecha Earth Side: What I Voted For

Round 1 of SaiMecha (Earth Side) is up, presenting some exciting matchups and very tough choices.

VF-25 Messiah vs Evangelion Unit 01

How do I put it? I’m a much bigger fan of VFs than Evas, even though the VF-25 is nowhere near my favorite (mine’s the VF-21 or VF-4). And the VF-25 has a very sexy machine gun.

Unicorn Gundam vs Gunbuster

Not a hard choice. I love Gunbuster, because it’s one of those super robots that don’t look completely ugly or toy fodder for children. In a way, its design proved that super robots can be more than capable of starring in mature stories. OTOH, I don’t have much affinity with the Unicorn Gundam except for its Unicorn Mode. I wish it fought more in that mode, honestly.

Tachikoma vs Mazinkaiser SKL

The Mazinkaiser SKL is a worthy opponent. Sadly, the Tachikoma is the most plausible mecha in the tournament, isn’t a clumsy biped, and is an actual character in its show. Nice try with the skull, though.

Giant Robo vs Guren Mk-II

I wanted to like the Guren. Its oversized right hand might be pushing it for the asymmetric look, but it was a good monkey wrench thrown against the Britannian invasion of Area 11 Japan. The tragedy is that future iterations did not know when to stop. The spectre of Gundam SEED Astray holds over this poor red machine, piling on the tacky stuff until the poor mech became ugly as sin.

Ghostlightning claims that Giant Robo is a fake Egyptian, I prefer to call it a Steampunk Pharaoh Robot. It holds the honor for being one of the only two robot toys I own (the other is the Kapool, which I didn’t nominate for the tournament because I’m a fag it’s too good for it). Its backpack also turns into a bazooka; your argument is invalid.

VF-1S vs Turn A Gundam

This match killed me. Both are fantastic mechs in their own right: the VF-1S is the pinnacle of real robot pragmatism (I do admit that VFs will slaughter mobile suits any time of the day), while the Turn A Gundam has the glorious Syd Mead touch, and has no backpack (this is very important). While it has a manly mustache, it is not above doing manual labor, like transporting cows or doing laundry. In the end, Turn A Gundam is arguably my favorite anime series of all time, so I’m voting with the show in mind.

Kshatriya vs Evangelion Unit 02

Eva 02 is cooler than Eva 01, is powered by hot blood, and does all sorts of crazy things you wouldn’t think an Eva would be able to do. But Kshatriya is a bigger beast than what Eva 02 can handle. Wing binders that fold in to make a delightful bell pepper, and funnels–lots of them. I didn’t really have to choose.

GaoGaiGar vs Gouf Custom

Gouf Custom has a wonderful shield gatling gun, and proved its worth with a competent pilot inside. It is also the champion of obnoxious Zekes (though they have nothing on obnoxious Feds) for standing toe-to-toe against a Gundam [in name and head unit only].

But GaoGaiGar? It fought Jupiter. And won. It fought an entire evil solar system. And won. Not to mention it has one of the most beloved combining sequences in robot anime. It’s the mech Shiro Amada wished he had piloted.

Hyaku Shiki vs Sinanju

This one killed me deader than dead. Sinanju is a fine and worthy update to the Sazabi with Katoki’s sensibilities in mind. It’s even got a real beam sword, and not those puny lightsaber things other pretenders wield. All its other weapons are sexy–the beam rifle has an actual scope, which is The Rule of Cool done right.

Hyaku Shiki is a simple, gimmick-free design and wields humongous cannons bigger than itself. Perhaps the most worthy thing of note about it is its color scheme, which is G★O★L★D–a big middle finger to the oppressive Titans. Without taking the fake Char pilots into account, I went for Hyaku Shiki, which I have a long romance with 10 years in the running.

I hope that does it. See you on the Colonies Side!

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4 Responses to SaiMecha Earth Side: What I Voted For

  1. Shinmaru says:

    Pretty much what I voted for, except I voted the Evas because I’m a biased loser, and I voted for the VF-1S because I haven’t seen Turn A Gundam. That mustache is pretty boss though.

    • schneider says:

      If by the small chance that Turn A makes it past, I’ll be around to pimp it even more!

      I guess I developed a distaste for the Eva units back then, but Rebuild is gradually changing that.

  2. BIG FIRE will crush the lot of you.

    • JoeQ says:


      Get back to me when Siege of Babylon actually gets made, until then he’s just a little bitch sleeping in his pod.

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