Harry Ord Should Win SaiMecha’s War of the Mecha Sunglasses

Perhaps the important poll in the current SaiMecha round is not about robots, but the best sunglasses in mecha. While Kamina will probably win with his fantastical, gravity-defying eyewear and personality cult, I ask people to vote Harry Ord and his bug-eyed glasses. Aside from providing him a very effective disguise when removed (as it stands out too much that it practically eclipses every other aspect of his appearance), his glasses actually do something.

This is my pet theory:

1. Red = 3x faster
2. Harry Ord’s glasses = red
3. Harry Ord with glasses = 3x faster

Harry knows something that Char and his dozen imitators don’t. Harry doesn’t need to paint his SUMO red. Why make your mech faster, when you can make yourself faster? (Ask any serious StarCraft player.)

Sure, Kamina’s Glasses gives you +20 to starting morale, but Harry Ord’s Glasses are so damn broken they can’t be in SRW Z2.

Vote Harry Ord for having the best sunglasses in mecha!

Edit: As some good people have pointed out, Harry’s Glasses were present in Alpha Gaiden, which gives +50% hit rate. The necessary corrections have been made!

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14 Responses to Harry Ord Should Win SaiMecha’s War of the Mecha Sunglasses

  1. Shinmaru says:

    “Why make your mech faster, when you can make yourself faster?”

    mind = blown

  2. Taka says:

    In any normal circumstance I would have voted for Kamina, but even not knowing who or what Harry Ord is I had to vote for his glasses. I mean they take up 90% of his face.


  4. I voted for Harry Ord instantly. I love Kamina’s iconic glasses, but Harry’s should’ve been just as iconic.

  5. But all Harry Ord’s sunglasses do is add +50% hit rate to all weapons! This is useful only for idiot Super Robot pilots like Kabuto Koji who can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

  6. Turambar says:

    But he’s wearing red pants in that screen shot. Are you saying he’s 3 times faster normally, and the shades would actually make him 9 times faster?

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