The iDOLM@STER Weekly Character Rankings (2011/07/07)

1. Makoto Kikuchi
2. Takane Shijou
3. Yayoi Takatsuki

Not much to say at this point, but Makoto has the most personality out of the girls.

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14 Responses to The iDOLM@STER Weekly Character Rankings (2011/07/07)

  1. lelangir says:

    1. chihaya
    2. makoto
    3. haruka

  2. This is an awesome idea. Makoto has always been my favorite just because she’s a tomboy, and because of the greatest MAD ever:

    But for this ep, my favorite was Hoshii Miki. She’s basically Erika Hartmann with bigger, but neither better nor worse, tits.

  3. ToastCrust says:

    Im@s 2 Makoto hnnnnnnng

  4. omo says:

    I was converted by Makoto before anybody had a chance, no thanks to this:

    • ToastCrust says:

      pixiv followed at light speed

    • Author says:

      I was taken in how she was noticeably becoming more and more womanly with every game release (which left a gap open for Hibiki). But it was absolutely fascinating. These people knew what they were doing. But suddenly, TV Anime and the “old” Makoto. I don’t know what to think of it.

  5. schneider says:

    Wow, Makoto is really quite popular huh.

    I think I’ll need a few more episodes to “get” the Chihaya love.

  6. Yi says:

    I don’t exactly remember all the names, but my favorite is also Makoto Kikuchi. Then probably the oujo-sama and the fang girl.

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  8. crazydave says:

    1. Chihaya/Miki
    2. Makoto/Azusa
    3. Hibiki
    4. The rest
    5. kuguyuuuuuuuuuuuu

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