The iDOLM@STER Weekly Character Rankings (2011/07/14)

1. Iori Minase
2. Yayoi Takatsuki
3. Miki Hoshii

Word of the week: Pheromone!

Iori is quite something. Normally I dislike girls who lug their stuffed animals around, but she doesn’t fawn over Charles that much. She does that tastefully in the ED. Plus, I adore her “hmph!”. For clueless commoners like Yayoi and the twins, her initiative is one to be feared.

Yayoi’s poverty is more heard than seen. I know she isn’t the only character in this show, but she’s got a long way to go in emulating the binbo-moe of Mayuko from NieA_7. But her naive enthusiasm is great. It’s also a nice touch for her to be grouped in with Iori, the rich girl of the bunch.

Miki edges out the twins (Ami and Mami) by her excellent shoot. Sorry twins, I know this is your episode, but you have to work hard for it!

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18 Responses to The iDOLM@STER Weekly Character Rankings (2011/07/14)

  1. lelangir says:

    i’m not really a fan of miki at all….and makoto got like 5 seconds of screentime i was raeging. yayoi has amazing zettai ryouiki, however… i forget what the poor girl’s name is but she’s great too.

  2. omo says:

    i’m sure everyone will get their turns. i thought miki’s outfit was great, to see it animated like that. animal girl’s outfit was good too.

  3. 2DT says:

    I liked Yayoi’s line “I might be poor, but I’m not dirty.” Seems like something she must have been taught to say in elementary school. It adds that extra layer of authenticity, if you’re into that sort of thing. 😉

  4. 1. Hoshii Miki – I already fell in love with her in the first episode, but now I’m head-over-heels. This is pure moe~ her outfit and pose were outstanding, and I love the way she gave advice—not because the moment itself was special, but because I love her character so much that anything would be special.

    2. Kisaragi Chihaya – “It makes me uncomfortable, being praised for something I don’t think is good.” Kisaragi has this almost angsty lostness that I can’t help but love (and she’s cool as hell).

    3. Minase Iori – I expected this character to be more annoying, even if I wouldn’t dislike her. You can’t really blame me for making that mistake about a character like this played by Kugimiya Rie, but as so often happens in making her one of my favorite seiyuu, she pleasantly surprised me.

  5. DoctorBaronvonEvilSatan says:


  6. wah says:

    Honestly Yayoi’s voice kind of grates on my nerves.

  7. Shance says:

    You really had to go and post the chest size pyramid.

  8. Joine Jukas says:

    Well,this is my first time came here and i search the 3 name on top list
    Iori Minase
    Yayoi Takatsuki
    Miki Hoshii

    Well maybe this was late,but i think Yayoi more cute

  9. crazydave says:

    Chihaya>Miki>Azusa>Hibiki>Makoto>the rest

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