The iDOLM@STER Weekly Character Rankings (2011/08/04)

1. Iori Minase
2. Miki Hoshii
3. Takane Shijou

Yayoi is too-pure-pure girl.

A rather safe episode featuring everybody. No one really gets the spotlight for a long time, but we have many nice little moments with everybody. And why does Ritsuko have that job of hers when she’s underage b&? I am SHOCK. The rest were just there. I wasn’t sold on the Chihaya breast envy scenes, but I like how she maintains her chemistry with Haruka.

I’m surprised with how Iori shines in this episode. She’s probably the one who’s crawled out of her mold the most, straying from stock situations that plague her character archetype. I don’t particularly like her, but I approach these character rankings on a weekly basis. She just manages to have the most notable scenes in my eyes this week.

Miki’s pick-up scene is very fun to watch. Note how she immediately assumes dominance over the males by throwing them off-balance with her wit. Then they just follow her like dogs. Then there’s her walk-in scene. I can’t tell if this naivete is false or what. Lesson learned: MIKI DOES WHATEVER SHE PLEASES.

Now, Takane. She’s still very strange, and keeps me on my toes with her surprises. I just think she does a good job with the role given to her.

Producer is still a pretty cool guy, all things considered. I should make a post about him once the show finishes (assuming they don’t fuck it up, but I have good reason to be optimistic).

I’m still kind of scratching my head on the revelation at the end of this episode, but I have no strong feelings either.

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3 Responses to The iDOLM@STER Weekly Character Rankings (2011/08/04)

  1. digital boy says:

    Ritsuko is actually an idol in the games, and takes that job in the second one or something like that. So she’s new to it. I’d say she’s probably 19 years old, and the Japanese drinking age is 20.

    Great episode for choosing a top 3. For once, Miki wasn’t my favorite in this episode (though she’s still my favorite overall)

    1. The Futami twins
    2. Hoshii Miki
    3. Kisaragi Chihaya

    Miki acts the way she does on purpose. In the games (spoilers), there’s a certain route you can take wherein after her actions hospitalize the producer in a car accident, she becomes “awakened Miki” and completely changes her ways, becoming the most productive member of the group, cuts and stops dying her hair (this part depends on an option of the player’s), and becoming really attached to the producer. So this implies that she was acting one way on purpose and then decided to change her ways.

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