The iDOLM@STER Weekly Character Rankings (2011/08/18)

1. Iori Minase
2. Yayoi Takatsuki
3. Hibiki Ganaha

Go home and be a family (wo)man.

Ostensibly Yayoi’s episode, but Iori’s strong personality almost claims it for her own. This episode answers a lot of my questions from the start of the show (How poor is Yayoi? Is she really poor? How is she able to carry that disposition of hers?), and I’m glad for it.

The grocery scene is very effective in portraying Yayoi’s character. She isn’t the first poor-so-she’s-so-savvy girl we’ve met, but she carries her poverty well, which is not so much as a moe trait.

Iori’s foil also shines in that scene. To me, spoiled ojousama-type characters usually have two extreme reactions to commoner life–on one end, there’s the demeaning, “Bah! How could peasants survive in such a terrible environment?” reaction, and the patronizing “Wow! The commoner world is such a wonderful new experience!” one on the other. Iori thankfully stays away from both extremes.

So, Yayoi is really charming. She never complains about her situation, choosing instead to fight it with a cheerful smiles and delicious meals. I guess the moe feeling here is more about the supposed ephemerality of idol life. Will she last the rigors of the biz? This may not be the correct show to ponder about such things, but I’d cheer for her all the way~

Iori’s part in resolving the family drama in this episode needs its own attention. She builds a great rapport with Chousuke, revealing more about herself and dishing out some life advice–what’s not to like? It’s a strange for them not to look inside the house first before venturing, though. (I ignore that part because this episode is hell good.)

Hibiki is still alright. She didn’t have any competition for 3rd place, but it’s not as if she did nothing at all this week. Yayoi’s siblings really get along with her, maybe she could move in? Hamzou is boss as always.

Next week: I am so excited.

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