The iDOLM@STER Weekly Character Rankings (2011/09/08)

1. Makoto Kikuchi
2. Iori Minase
3. Yayoi Takatsuki

A sportsfest! Traps! Boy bands! Takehito Koyasu!

Here’s another episode utilizing the entire cast. Attention is a bit more lopsided on a few, though–Makoto, Iori and Yayoi take the spotlight, while Chihaya had the fewest lines and did the least out of everyone.

I’m not familiar with any rivalries in the franchise, as the girls tend to get along with each other so far. Iori and Makoto make for a fine bickering couple, not surprisingly. Iori lording her power around shows us how the industry works (har), and there’s the subject of Makoto’s smitten admirer.

Yayoi was heartrending to watch. People who bully her shouldn’t be allowed to exist in this world. For srs.

The other girls were just there. Haruka and Hibiki had some nice scenes, the twins were still messing around. And somehow, I’m relieved that Takane’s breasts didn’t bounce at all.

There was this boy band thing, whose one of the members we saw way back. It seems that they’re in the game. I wonder about that evil idol agency, though.

I hope to see more of Ai, Eri and Ryo in the future.

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