Nichijou: Chan-Mio and the Three Daifuku Stooges

Sometimes I wonder how Mio, Yukko, and Mai are friends. Throughout the show, they’ve been constantly dicking and trolling each other. Why do they even keep each other around? It boggles the mind.

Enter episode 25. Mio goes on a long outburst, then calms down. But Yukko, Mai and Nano aren’t entirely sure if their friend is fine now, so they pull off a daring “friend lottery” stunt to cheer Mio up. Mio wins a Voucher for a Life-long Friendship, with her friends’ names stamped on it.

And it works. Mio goes home all happy, ready to take on the [yaoi] manga world by storm!

Somehow, I can believe that despite what we keep on seeing in the show, these girls are truly friends. Ever seen friends comforting heartbroken friends? I have, as a spectator and a participant. And it’s really something wonderful.

It took 25 episodes for Nichijou to have such a moving display of friendship. Now I wish it wouldn’t end anymore…

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6 Responses to Nichijou: Chan-Mio and the Three Daifuku Stooges

  1. Chan-Mio! Mai’s statues! Yuuko’s trolled-ness! Professor-Nano-Sakamoto!

    Definitely going to miss this show a lot when it ends next week… wonder what they’ll pull for a last episode?

    Ordinary life indeed.

  2. Seinime says:

    Mio-Chan! Mio-Chan! Mio-Chan!


    I laughed so hard for no reason at that part.

  3. wah says:

    You bring up a good point that I’ll probably mention in a Nichijou review if I ever do one.

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