The iDOLM@STER Weekly Character Rankings (2011/10/06)

1. Yayoi Takatsuki
2. Iori Minase
3. Chihaya Kisaragi

So exploitable!

Big changes are coming. We have a new OP with some wonderful animation, recycled or otherwise. In terms of actual plot, the girls of 765 Pro have finally landed on everyone’s radar. It’s a rather drastic change from their former obscurity. While I think it would have been more interesting if they gradually built up their fanbase instead, this isn’t bad at all.

It surprises me that this episode turns into Hataraki Man lite halfway through. There is the nature of Jupiter (why does Jupiter always stand for evil in anime?) and their rival President Kuroi, voiced by Takehito Koyasu (who’s clearly trying hard to sound different from typical Koyasu). Now we see our first instance of a real underhanded trick in the idol world, and the girls’ responses are interesting–Iori is certainly unwilling to let such an offense pass by.

It’s also good to see everyone on a united front. There may be Ryuuguu Komachi vs the rest of the girls, but they all belong to 765 Pro when it comes to such matters.

I brought up Hataraki Man because the conflict of this episode hinged on work-related matters. What can you do when one-upped such dastardly tactics? Granted, it’s nowhere near mature as Hataraki Man, but it’s great cheese for the working (wo)man. I especially like the moment where the girls revel in their fan letters. Chihaya’s letter certainly leaped out to me.

Yayoi gets top spot for fitting her cooking show role to a tee. It’s like, the best way to summarize her entire character?

I wonder what’s about the live broadcast thing mentioned for next week.

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