The iDOLM@STER Weekly Character Rankings (2011/10/13)

1. Ami/Mami Futami
2. Yukiho Hagiwara
3. Haruka Amami

You’re combining with us.

This is another of those excellent gimmick episodes that the show just loves to do. This week, everyone got slotted into different roles and segments to make up a Sunday live show. I wasn’t able to grab most of the memes in this episode, but they don’t require you to be an im@s super-fan to get most of them, anyway. Check out Shin’s post instead!

It’s also worth noting that there’s a totally awesome mecha anime parody done with the aid of the wonderful Hiroyuki Imaishi. This was his chance to poke fun at his own style, and then some. A show about idols featuring in a live show airing a movie trailer? We really need to go deeper.

I mean, this is the very thing that will save mecha anime! From Kisaragi’s washboard defense, Miki’s face-heel-turn and nakama sacrifice, drills, and combining absurdity, it has everything. The insertion of arcadia was perfect, and Haruka as the final boss works so well.

Everyone had their time to shine, so let me take on all of them.

Haruka: Did great as an MC, was fantastic as Harustein. Her clumsy parts were totally moe.

Chihaya: Kind of puttered out this week. Easily the weakest MC, yet had some out-of-character hilarious moments. Needed more Chihaya out of the Kisaragi robot.

Miki: Excellent showing. Superb MC work, hilariously inappropriate flirting (with Producer backstage, no less), it’s just Miki being Miki. Would have made the rankings if not for Harustein!

Ami and Mami: Very amusing segments. The deadpan works and they should do it more often. Did well in holding down Takane’s part, and did I mention that they’re the main characters for Endless Combine Kisaragi?

Makoto: Kinda boring, honestly. Nice costumes, nice crowd reaction, but she’s Yukiho fodder for the most part. Which brings us to…

Yukiho: Cute and scary. Steals the show with that flash of insanity. Can’t get enough. She’s finding her voice now! Moar plz.

Takane: Ramen segment felt too long and drawn-out. While I love listening to Takane’s voice, she should talk about more interesting things.

Hibiki: Just okay. I wish they showed an actual bear. Wouldn’t put it past Hibiki to tame it, and ride it all the way to the studio! Failing the challenge was a downer, but soaked tops are always hawt.

Azusa: lol wtf r u doin, also totally called that ahoge weapon.

Iori: She isn’t good with kids, how typical! Not much showing out of her, except some fighting with Miki and acting all evil in the movie.

Yayoi: Very adorable with the kindergarten bit and weather report. Makes for a nice henchman too. And that’s it.

Ritsuko: …was there? In a fashion.

Kotori: Gets a special mention with her shipping powers. Quite nice to see her at home and all. Very fujoshi!

Next episode, Hibiki Ganaha Drowns In A River.

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2 Responses to The iDOLM@STER Weekly Character Rankings (2011/10/13)

  1. Shin says:

    Is there anything Miki can’t do? All it took one was redefining(not really) episode and Miki has made this series her own.

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