Three Year Anniversary!

Three years! Yay!

A lot has changed again since my last anniversary post. I’ve eased more and more into my job (which I’ve been holding a year and a half already!) and other hobbies, and I’ve tended to adapt a cruising pace on blogging. But it’s no big deal, because the anime I watch and the blog I keep are just there. Unlike people, they can wait forever.

I realized even more the importance of understanding anime fans in my enjoyment of the hobby. I care a lot why a person likes or hates shows, because to me it’s interesting. This just means that I treat my Twitter (don’t follow me on Twitter!) not as a distraction from blogging, but as an enrichment to it. If I understand the mind of a fan, I can help him/her with better recommendations, tee hee~

Along with my lifelong commitment to all things mecha, I’ve started getting into magical girl anime, much to the delight (and chagrin) of my friends. Arguably the reason for this is the excellent Madoka Magica, and I’ve followed up with Heartcatch Precure, as well as Princess Tutu (which I loved immensely). I’m playing a magical girl RPG campaign with friends on IRC, and writing some kind of mecha x magical girl (should I say “mechagal”?) story.

One thing I learned as a blogger (and a person) is that I shouldn’t care too much about writing a post, rather I should be more concerned about being ready to write. Hence, I’ll never announce that I’m on hiatus, because that provides no value to my readers. I won’t be so arrogant to assume that people are tripping over the fact that I haven’t posted in some arbitrary length of time. If there’s a post, it will come out eventually.

Thank you, and thank you again! I’ll hope to explore more exciting topics at my own pace. Continuing World will continue.

PS: Looking at all my recent posts, I seem to be turning into the aniblogger version of Kentaro Miura. I am okay with this.

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16 Responses to Three Year Anniversary!

  1. I am also okay with this!

    Happy third my man~!

  2. Shinmaru says:

    Happy third anniversary! You’re one of my favorite folks in the ‘sphere, so I’ll always wish you well, good sir!

  3. Congratulations!

    No, no, no. Publish at least once a week about something I care about. That’ s what having regular readers mean. Sure some of us are subscribed and most likely won’t think about blogs that don’t publish until we get a surprise on our feed readers… but let me ask you:

    Wouldn’t you prefer to get weekly updates from the blogs you truly cared about?

    Sure you wouldn’t impose on their authors, like I wouldn’t impose on you to give me something robotic every week, but what does your heart really tell you?

    Wouldn’t you rather Animanachronism posted every week? Wouldn’t you rather, for all the blogs that are gone that you used to enjoy reading? Of course we wish these bloggers well in everything they do… but we aren’t their friends, at least not the way their best friends are their friends. We don’t really know them from Eve. First and foremost, we’re readers, and we’d like nothing more than to be able to read the stuff we like that only they can make.

    So by all means do what you got to do, and feel how you feel. But don’t be so sure you really know the hearts of those who like your work. Blogging is not THAT easy.

  4. animekritik says:

    Congrats!!! Mine is 4 days away 😀

    I like your attitude a lot. At the same time, I like ghostlightning’s argument a lot too. Life is a rich tapestry.

  5. Canne says:

    Magical girl anime is the realm I have yet to get fully involved with.
    I think it doesn’t matter how often you post. I care more about the regularity of posting.

    Congratulations on reaching 3 years!

  6. otou-san says:

    ¡Muchos felicidades!

    …from someone who has no leg to stand on when it comes to talking about posting regularity these days, so I won’t :3

  7. dm00 says:

    Congratulations! I don’t know what to say about frequency or even about writing — I contribute to a blog that has “A picture is worth a thousand words” as a category for a reason.

    But yours is a blog I come back to regularly.

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