The iDOLM@STER Weekly Character Rankings (2011/11/24)

1. Chihaya Kisaragi
2. Kotori Otonashi (!)
3. Miki Hoshii

The moment everyone has been waiting for.

In this show, no single episode exists in a vacuum. We wrap up loose threads in Chihaya’s story as she stages her comeback in Idol Jam. This is also where President Kuroi closes up shop and just walks away. I hope he never returns!

I do realize that it’s hard to make believable antagonists in this show. It doesn’t really need them either! The public is fickle and malicious enough to brew up the Takane and Chihaya tabloid stories on its own, and Jupiter didn’t need to be brainwashed to make them a threat. They did redeem themselves a bit near the end, but screw Jupiter.

I had been spoiled at Kotori’s appearance in this episode long before I actually saw it, but even the foreknowledge wouldn’t defend me from it. It’s all but explicitly stated that Kotori was the idol Kuroi and Takagi had managed before their rift.

Miki made it to 3rd place with how cute she was, gushing after Chihaya’s live. It’s a big mark of confidence to be able to give sincere praise to someone in the same field, and I thought it shows her character well.

Next episode, it’s Christmas already?!

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