The iDOLM@STER Weekly Character Rankings (2011/12/01)

1. Miki Hoshii
2. Haruka Amami
3. Iori Minase

Christmas already?

The iDOLM@STER sure knows how to start the month. I found the episode quite cute. Everyone is busy but with the help of some Schedule Tetris, all the girls made it to the Christmas Eve (also Yukiho’s birthday) Party.

Here in the Philippines, Christmas is a huge, huge thing, mainly because we’re predominantly Catholic. It’s half-true that Christmas season begins at September here, and things absolutely become insane during the month proper. In Japan (speaking from my experience with anime Christmas episodes, though), they’re very much secular about it.

Anyway. We don’t have much episodes left, and this one is very reflective with how the girls have changed. I like how they brought up what had been said in the beach episode in here, it reminds us that 765 Pro has come a long way from the start.

Miki just ran off with everything this week. Like, ugh. Not that I’m annoyed (the “Honey” shtick never gets old), but give poor Haruka her chance! Even Chihaya acts as a device to proclaim how awesome she is to the audience.

Iori gets a spot in the rankings, thanks to a jab at Makoto and them hawt ‘pits.

Next week, I guess they’re going to play out Haruka and Miki competing for the main heroine in the musical. Miki’s had plenty of great moments, so please let it be Haruka!

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