The iDOLM@STER Weekly Character Rankings (2011/12/08)

1. Haruka Amami
2. Miki Hoshii
3. Yukiho Hagiwara

It’s always hard to be the heroine.

It’s surprising to see how things quickly spiral downward for Haruka. Give anyone a string of misfortunes and they’re likely to get pulled down in a depressing mood.

Once you get down to it, the idol business is hectic and stressful as hell. One week you’re cruising smoothly, then suddenly everything just goes wrong next week.

I could almost smell Haruka’s dropping morale as the episode went on–it just can’t be helped if no one could commit to the New Year’s live rehearsals, right? Add the fact that their Sunday afternoon show is ending, and there’s her competition with Miki for the lead musical role, too.

Speaking of Miki, damn. Her personality just manifested at the worst time for Haruka, who’s already started to think that everyone is leaving her behind. Because Miki doesn’t care what others think, the thought of offending Haruka never crossed her mind. Worse is that what she said was true, anyway.

We get to see Yukiho doing Yukiho things, mainly looking cute and sweet. If anything, she’s the one who’s changed the most throughout the show, wherein I didn’t even give her a favorable reaction in her own episode.

Poor Producer! I wasn’t expecting that. I don’t think anybody did. Haruka looks like a wreck. And it’s just been three episodes since she was on the other side of the hope-despair axis…

Two episodes left. We can do this.

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