12 Moments of 2011 #12: The Girl Just Wants To Go Home

This post is part of the 12 Days series.

Kyousogiga is… quite something. It’s one crazy episode set in a fantastical Kyoto, marvelous bits of animation and nonsense strung around. It’s certainly short enough not to outstay its welcome, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more.

I particularly liked the climax of the episode, with Koto (the main character) defeated and brought back by Lady Koto, who offers to grant her wish. In a tense couple of seconds, she lugs her massive hammer around, looking like a badass.

What does she wish for? To go home!

Quite the simplest of twists, but it cements who Koto really is: just a girl stuck in this weird place, wreaking havoc to pass the time but ultimately one parted from her natural habitat. For all that badass posing, she’s just a little girl, wanting to go home.

Of course, she doesn’t really get her wish granted. That would be too easy, wouldn’t it? But I sure hope it’s not the last of what we see from her, really. It would be too much of a waste.

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One Response to 12 Moments of 2011 #12: The Girl Just Wants To Go Home

  1. animekritik says:

    Couldn’t get into this…It just kind of made me wonder why they didn’t do a longer piece to begin with. They should either gamble on success and do a longer thing or not even go through with it. That said, yesterday I watched S1 of Fireball and I guess that’s about the same length spread out in 13 episodes so…hmmm…. Maybe just didn’t like the craziness 🙂

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