12 Moments of 2011 #11: Making Up To Dear Friends

This post is part of the 12 Days series.

A-Channel is by no means a popular show. It had none of the technical sheen of other “cute girls doing cute things” 4koma adaptations, it received flak for being generic, but the cast had chemistry. They were definitely not caricatures, and were believable friends–just by watching them, you could tell that they really enjoyed each other’s company, minor barbs and teasing aside.

Episode 8 cements this claim of mine, wherein Run and Tooru get into a fight, refusing to speak to each other. Tooru, who is usually inseparable from Run, is seen angrily throwing things into the trash can. She’s definitely pissed, isn’t she?

With some urging, Run finally decides to make up to Tooru by buying her a treat. But when she goes to Tooru’s classroom, she realizes that she’s been had. In fact, all Tooru had been doing throughout the day was think of the best peace offering she could give to her best friend, hence she was chucking away soda cans in search for the perfect one.

Run goes to the rooftop and makes peace with Tooru, with a cute insert song playing all the while. It’s an old trick in the book, but it definitely did its job well. It was moving.

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One Response to 12 Moments of 2011 #11: Making Up To Dear Friends

  1. Rockfest says:

    Dear my friend~ Every day and night, Always be with you~

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