12 Moments of 2011 #10: Alone Again

This post is part of the 12 Days series.

I like VOTOMS. It’s a series with a small, vocal fanbase, proud in its asserted REAL real robot-ness, as opposed to Gundam which aims to be super. While I don’t preach their gospel, I enjoyed the TV series in my own way.

VOTOMS: Alone Again is the only one-shot OVA out of the three that were released this year, that is connected to the main storyline. It’s around 50 minutes long and shows a relatively un-aged Chirico, around 30 years after the events of the TV series.

It’s just as melancholic as its title suggests, in its own dry, VOTOMS way. Chirico meets his old friends, who have aged while he was still kept in cryogenic suspension. He helps them out with their problem, in his own, lone wolf way. He encounters an old friend/enemy(?). A lot of stuff blows up in the desert. The comrade dies, and Chirico carries her body away, disappearing like a ghost. The end.

Really, Alone Again is sort of an epilogue to VOTOMS, despite a cursory look at Wikipedia telling me that there are a bunch of other OVAs set after the TV series. I haven’t watched the previous OVAs, and some details were lost on me (Why is Fyana somewhere else? Who’s this woman?), they didn’t detract from my enjoyment after all, seeing Chirico and the galaxy not change after all those years. He’s still a stoic soldier, the galaxy is still the shithole that it had always been. War is still hell.

In the end, it’s the ED that takes the moment proper. It’s the same ED as in the TV series, only extended to full length. Not only is it a great way of remembering love, but it thematically fits the entire OVA. There’s a reason why Chirico did not pine for Fyana at the end, and the answer can just be found in the ED’s lyrics. Lovely stuff.

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