12 Moments of 2011 #4: The SAME Appreciation Club

This post is part of the 12 Days series. Title in reference to this post.

I have a lot of fond moments from Nichijou, Kyoto Animation’s crazy experimental sakuga anime. But the one I want to write about is the last part of episode 23. where Mai visits Professor to (presumably) atone for scaring her with dogs in the previous episode.

Professor doesn’t want to speak with Mai. After all, kids don’t hide their feelings to other people, especially if you terrorize them with your dogs. But when Mai makes a really good sketch of a shark, that’s when she captures Professor’s heart.

“Hey, draw another shark!” Professor demands. Mai agrees, her deadpan voice becoming increasingly laced with delight as Professor piles up on her shark-related drawing requests. When Nano returns, Mai is already gone, holding Professor’s shark drawing close to her heart. Daww.

I found the whole scene funny and heartwarming. Throughout the show, Mai is a total sociopath, but she does have her own inexplicable soft side. Meeting her own match in a kid, she had to understand Professor on the latter’s own terms. They are SAME; they are the SAME. Look what she got in the end!

Or maybe she’s just a lolicon. Either explanation is fine~

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4 Responses to 12 Moments of 2011 #4: The SAME Appreciation Club

  1. krizzlybear says:

    I didn’t pick up on the wordplay of this post until I started writing my initial comment. buh. Excellent moment to pick. I truly love this show, and the heartwarming moments are just as enjoyable to watch as the funny ones.

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