Nice Sci-Fi Details In Mouretsu Pirates Episode 1

Mouretsu Pirates is one of those questionable premise shows that you’ll either love or hate. While I liked it, I was surprised with how it used its sci-fi setting to its advantage.

While not everything is entirely futuristic (there’s a maid cafe after all), the show puts attention to detail in spots that I applaud for:

1. The ship in the OP corrects its course with verniers. Verniers are cool. They single-handedly made Gundam 0083 look so pretty.

2. There’s an entirely believable (I’m not qualified to say “realistic”) orbital landing sequence that looks great to boot. And this is just a club activity. Coolest club? Coolest club.

3. Commuter cars that you summon for a ride! I like the idea.

4. The maid cafe is explained to be an animanachronism because of human labor. It’s cheap because there aren’t any robots around. It may be a throwaway explanation, but I appreciate the attempt at justifying it. And it’s like I’m really in 21st-century Akihabara!

5. To gain access to her home, Marika needs a retinal scan, a fingerprint scan, a PIN, and a voice-activated lock, after which the front door opens in a really cool fashion.

6. Even the pocket watch looks amazing.

7. Yes, that bionic eye broadcasts the man’s thoughts. He thinks it’s delicious.

8. A laser squeeze pistol. A prime assassin’s weapon, you could conceal it in one hand. That’s a lens!

Clearly, Tatsuo Sato is no slouch. The world might not entirely make sense, there’s some questionable use of chocolate parfait, but it’s fun.

The new season is off to a good start. Let’s Piracy!

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14 Responses to Nice Sci-Fi Details In Mouretsu Pirates Episode 1

  1. Panther says:

    This show could very well be one of the sleepers of the season…just that it might get overshadowed by Nisemonogatari. At least it goes on for 26 episodes, and with the large cast, and all this promise so far, this show really has a lot of potential.

  2. omo says:

    there’s … a lot to say about the setting. the problem is i think you can interpret it two ways, one good one bad. And I think they’re not exactly contradictory.

    i liked the pocket watch a lot. and the squeeze…flash gun? is one of those things (like venier thrusters) you just gotta be a certain type of genre otaku to like. My biggest complaint or point of contention is that comment about human labor. i hope they don’t screw it up later on.

    • schneider says:

      To me, the technological advances are scattered around (Marika still uses a plain bike). I wonder which stuff they’ll turn shiny, and which stuff would remain relatively real-life modern.

  3. animekritik says:

    Yeah, I wonder if they can hold up that technological detail. Will every episode see these gadgets in use? That’d be impressive. And we need to see lots of robot labor..I hope they don’t come out with the excuse that everyone’s trying to be traditional and 20th century~

  4. Digibro says:

    >>you’ll either love or hate. While I liked it


    Interesting profile that Tatsuo Sato has.

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  6. Stormshrug says:

    I for one welcome our new Loli Rogue Traders.

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