After many long years of waiting, a batch torrent of Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos has finally surfaced. I have no idea who subbed it, and it looks like one of those HK subs with less-than-accurate names (i.e. Dragon Sword, Machine Robo), but it looks perfectly serviceable. I’ve been dying to watch this show ever since seeing Rom Stoll in Super Robot Wars MX blowing up a Mass-Produced Evangelion with his bare hands while delivering an ultra-badass speech.

Machine Robo is set in a planet populated entirely by robots. Inexplicably, there are your quintessential heroic robots, evil robots, and human-looking robots who look like Mega Man. If they’re robots and look human, do they have human bodily functions? Thinking about it makes me head hurt, so I’ll just stop! Also, this all-robot gimmick is really just a excuse to get away with extreme violence–there’s decapitation and torso mutilation as early as episode 1. They’re all robots, so it’s okay!

Oh boy, is this show quite ugly. There’s virtually no budget to speak of, and the animators couldn’t even get the scale and proportions of the characters right, but who cares about that? I’m told it looks worse as the show goes on, but the fights I’ve seen were pretty decent… so far.

So. Machine Robo has this strong tokusatsu feel in it. The campy narration, the indulging theatrics of the bad robots, and Rom Stoll himself. He has this awesome gimmick of showing up, telling the villains that they don’t deserve to know his name, then proceeds to deliver a righteous, over-the-top Sergio Leone speech about light triumphing against darkness, etc, with the appropriate Spaghetti Western music playing in the background. This is the sole reason why we watch this old and crusty cartoon at all.

Also, the names in this show are whacked. There’s the Blue Jet, who transforms into a jet (fine) and doesn’t have a shade of blue on his body (what). The bumbling henchmen are collectively known as Devil Satan Six, quite possibly the most evil villain name ever. And there’s Rom Stoll’s ultimate form, a Robot Viking who knows Kung Fu. Vikingfu? Vikungfu? Hell, one instance of Japanese romanization turned it into Baikanfu!

I’m not sure how long I’ll last into this show, but it’s good, dumb fun. Try the first episode out, at least!

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  1. I’ll have to get my copy from you somehow since I can’t dl from BakaBT because probably they hate my ISP. Grrrr I want to watch this so bad.

  2. Kraker2k says:

    I downloaded some of the episodes a while back, I think I’ll give some of them a whirl!

  3. Matt Wells says:

    A little clarification: his MX appearance involved saving Asuka from her fate in End of Evangelion, single handedly. His badass speech was explaining the concept of DIVINE INTERVENTION to the Mass Produced EVAs as he beat the living shit out of them. They even gave a wordless, raspy grunt rendition of the whole “Who are you?!” spiel. HHHNNNGGGG GOD YESSSS…

    Damn Central Park Media for not giving this and Dancougar proper DVD releases. This show is right up my alley as far as cheesy Super Robot theatrics goes, I’ve been meaning to check it out for a while. As I understand it, a SRW 4-koma explained that Blue Jet’s name comes from his blue sunglasses. Yes, really. I wonder if this show had made it to the States in place of Go Bots (same toy lines, different cartoons), Transformers might have been usurped.

    • schneider says:

      Those sunglasses are blue?? I can’t tell, curse you 80’s color palettes! I can’t remember what happened with the licensing stuff about this show, I listened to an AWO podcast about it, but most of it was lost on me.

      Yeah, I remember the Go Bots. Kinda sad, but I don’t think they ever stood a chance against Transformers anyway…

  4. I watched five eps of this a few months back, but I totally forgot about it. I think I’ll get to watching it again.

  5. BenDTU says:

    Those subs are screaming to get a scrub. Kudos to whoever redid the timing on them all.

    Vikungfu is the most awesome name for a robot ever.

  6. Matt Wells says:

    Just finished the english DVD release, hungry for more. Anyone know where I can find episodes 16-49 subbed? I love how earnestly this show throws itself behind the insasne central concept; a planet where everything with a pulse is robotic. It follows it’s own kind of insane logic that makes sense in a way that doesn’t make sense, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

    It’s enormous fun watching Rom come in, spit out a few cool lines and then hokuto shinken ugly monsters of the week to death. You kind of get the feeling from the early episodes that a room full of guys like Obari were given the job of creating a show to advertise these crappy toys that turned into rocks or buses, and they built a story around whatever cool stuff they wanted to animate or whatever ideas they threw stuck against the wall.

    • schneider says:

      I got a batch torrent. But yeah, it’s HK subs. I still haven’t watched another episode after the first, but you decide whether you could live with HK subs! It doesn’t seem like we’re going to miss on a whole lot, TBH. And maybe we could get more hilarity out of it!

  7. chibirob says:

    I had to hunt his down afer hearing about it on AWO, and this has to be the best show ever! Bad HK subs included, although because of the HK Subs they don’t bring up the Viking Kung Fu!

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