Gulity Crown and My Method of Enduring Trainwrecks

I like watching trainwreck anime. Sometimes, a show can be so silly that craziness turns into an art form, making it a worthwhile distraction. What’s that title of that currently-airing show with robots that were interesting at first but were merely turned into a sideshow? Guilty Crown? Yeah, that one!

But sometimes, trainwrecks are just bad. The episode is plainly not entertaining, and I lose my will to carry on. It’s too easy, when you watch something for all the wrong reasons. How do I remedy this?

In trainwreck anime, I find someone to care about, to root for. A character who isn’t as maligned or crazy as everyone else, who still has a semblance of common sense. That way, even if everything is going to shit, if a decent, reasonable character makes it all the way through, then I feel vindicated. With Code Geass, it was Cecile Croomy.

In Guilty Crown’s case, I’m talking about Kanon Kusama. The bespectacled class rep of the Shu’s class, Kanon doesn’t really have an active role in the show. In fact, it’s quite hapless of her to be dragged along ridiculous situations just because she’s a friend of a friend of Shu. During the episodes where Shu was playing king to the school, she was quite the only person who reacted believably to the turn of events.

But why? Kanon is cute and pleasing to my tastes. And since she’s a minor character, I keep on watching with the hope that she gets enough screentime, and more importantly, stays alive. Will her infatuation with cool guy Yahiro be addressed in the future? Let’s hope! I’m really just easy to please, and this helps me look forward to the next episode.

How about you? Do you have a way that allows you to cope up with trainwreck anime?

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12 Responses to Gulity Crown and My Method of Enduring Trainwrecks

  1. Shinmaru says:

    Mostly I just let myself go with the flow and attune myself to the crazy. Natural craziness is just hilarious, and Guilty Crown has been delivering the goods each episode, so I have been quite entertained!

  2. Zyl says:

    My anchor in Guilty Crown was Hare. As such, I have had a serious motivational problem with continuing this series post-Ep 15. Currently I’m in a holding pattern to see what the general reaction towards the series’ ending is. Or maybe I should just latch onto Ayase instead.

  3. Chevalier says:

    I actually liked quite a few characters even during the craziest parts of Code Geass (R2), because in general I had already been given a valid reason to care about them before the plot went nuts. I didn’t magically stop being invested in them, even if they weren’t always acting in an optimal or reasonable manner.

    But in Guilty Crown, I don’t see why it would be a bad thing for everyone to suddenly die. I never got to know or appreciate any of these people even when the show wasn’t this bad.

  4. WhatSht says:

    I look for details in the background or find hidden messages in a character’s actions to endure trainwrecks since those things tend to explain stuff.

  5. Mushyrulez says:

    Trainwrecks? Even if they’re just plain boring, as long as you spice it up with some episodic blogging, ANYTHING can be interesting. I mean it. Anything.

    Maybe I just haven’t had the taste of watching an anime without blogging it, but gosh, to this day, I have never watched a boring anime before. Even when they could be boring (see: Horizon), as long as you blog it ~excitingly~, NOTHING is boring.


    *readies body to make a swift retreat on my words*

    • schneider says:

      How do you do that? If a show is boring to me, I’m incapable of writing about it! Except about how boring it is! Which would be boring! Argh!

      • Mushyrulez says:

        I don’t know, Scamp’s posts about how boring Guilty Crown is aren’t boring. And then he stopped doing it because it was too boring. Gosh, it feels like something’s boring into my mind or something, because I don’t think I understand anymore

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  7. DoctorBaronvonEvilSatan says:

    Everyone around me talks about Guilty Crown and cosplays characters from it.
    I can’t get away if I tried.

  8. Canne says:

    I am quite sarcastic when writing about something I dislike and I have fun doing so.
    So when dealing with train-wreck anime, I simply slaughter it verbally in my post.

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