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That Summer Just Became My Summer


I don’t remember my summers as a high school student. More so than the passage of time, there simply is little to write about them. I didn’t belong to any clubs, I didn’t have friends whom I could go out and have fun with, and I didn’t have anything worthwhile doing. Oh, I went out of town a couple of times with my family, but those are vague, too. The clearest memory? Watching anime in my hotel room.

I merely let the days pass by. Fair enough, right? This loose group of friends in this anime I just started watching are doing exactly that. Frankly, they’re boring people. Heh, I’m one to talk. Maybe Lemon is too weird. (Who the hell makes spiked Mountain Dew?)

And then it came. The boy’s hesitation betrays his feelings. A confession without words. My internal defense mechanism kicks in. Teenagers are so dense, it says. Too late for that.

This has happened to me before. Less embarrassing, as she wasn’t the one I was talking to, but I can’t forget the incredible disbelief I had had towards someone’s blithe ignorance of my feelings for them. I forget why I even liked the girl in the first place, but that moment, this moment, stays with me.

Powerlessly, I cringe at the screen, at these blind, foolish young souls.

I don’t know if it’s a carefully-engineered trap by the creators of this show. These forgettable teenagers could be anyone, so I have become them. The boy, as I mentioned. The one who wishes happiness for another. The one who warns about getting in the way of another’s love. I am them. Bit by bit, I remember myself, summers or not.

It’s when I realize, this summer cartoon just turned good.