The Wing Zero EP is a glorious work for Gundam fandom

Wing Zero EP cover

A couple of weeks ago, I got wind of a Gundam Wing rap album by Richie Branson, which turned out to be a hilarious bag. My prior experience in nerdcore rap was that Firefly rap album, which was fantastic, but this one is more relevant to my interests.

Honestly, I don’t know much about rap. But the lyrics are great and the album is well-produced. I wouldn’t have guessed that this was largely a singular effort!

Richie raps about becoming a Gundam otaku thanks to Gundam Wing, which proved to be THE gateway Gundam show for so many, myself included. There’s a lot of cool references to the show, a couple harkening from other Gundam shows, even. He even watches Gundam Unicorn! My favorite track out of the bunch is “Merquise Dreams”, which is all about sleeping in class, dreaming about cool robot battles. That’s totally my childhood right there!

A minor complaint I have, though, is that a bunch of lyrics are about how awesome Richie is, from being a geek to being a rapper. I suppose this is part and parcel of rapping, but I would’ve liked the EP much more if Richie focused on more in-universe Wing stuff (mobile dolls! Wufei’s raging boner for dragon arms! Relena “I-Can-Hold-Two-Grown-Lions-In-My-Arms” Peacecraft!), or other issues that come with being a Gundam fan. At any rate, it isn’t very jarring and the dissing is all in good fun.

It’s available for free here.

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2 Responses to The Wing Zero EP is a glorious work for Gundam fandom

  1. Reid says:

    As a very very amateur rapper, this is incredible. I’m working on something like this right now. I got a friend of mine to make a remix of the Neo Zeon themesong; it’s pretty boss. Thanks for posting this!

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