Gundam AGE’s 3rd Arc is About Flit Asuno (Again, But I’m Not Complaining!)

The 3rd arc of Gundam AGE started this week. It was surreal seeing Flit turn from iron-hearted commander to a good-natured grandfather. The goggles are a great touch, furthering the enigmatic image that he possesses in this arc–without seeing his eyes, we can’t really delve his motives. Already my mind is racing with theories: how did Flit end up from a position of power into this comparatively low-key role?

A lesser show would have me raging, but this is Gundam AGE. Gundam AGE has built upon itself from each arc: the 1st one sets up Flit’s motivation to plot the annihilation of the Vagan race. The 2nd arc focuses on the tenuous relationship between Flit and his son Asem, which gives credence to Flit being a caring benefactor for his grandson Kio. It’s as if he’s trying to atone for his absence in Asem’s formative years!

It’s easier to swallow these developments. Flit has always remained a main character throughout Gundam AGE, be it Flit the young pilot, Flit the career soldier, or in the present arc, Flit the badass grandpa. He’s been through a lot: he’s fought wars as a frontline fighter and as a fleet commander, he’s lost people dear to him, people whom he grew up admiring. Yet you can’t let a good man down. Gundam AGE is his story.

We’ve been through two arcs. The third one is the payoff. How will the Vagan invasion of Earth commence? Is there a hidden twist in it? A silver lining? What about the generations we’ve followed since episode one? Will Flit finally complete his life’s work?

I don’t know. For now, I’ll be content with waiting, week after week.

PS: I really like how grunt Federation mech design is influenced by the Gundam’s improvements. 2nd arc had the Titus and Spallow parts, 3rd arc now has transformations!

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4 Responses to Gundam AGE’s 3rd Arc is About Flit Asuno (Again, But I’m Not Complaining!)

  1. Bask Om wants his goggles back.

  2. Reid says:

    The Clanche might be the closest thing we ever get to an animated Zeta Plus. Even the colors are close. It may even be intentional. Overall, my impression of AGE is that this show is really one that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. However, young and old mean “new Gundam fans” and “old school Gundam fans” (even us Johnny come-2001 American Gundam fans who came up watching Wing on Cartoon Network think of ourselves as Old School now hahaha). Semantics aside, Gundam AGE really does have something for everyone, and the experience we bring with us when watching the show enhances the experience in terrific ways. If Gundam Unicorn is a love letter to UC Gundam fans, then AGE is, perhaps, a clap on the back to the Gundam fan “mentoring” a younger generation. If you look at it like that, I guess we’re all of us Capt. Grodek, Woolf and Grandpa Flit to some degree!

    Also, I want to see the Genoace kick some major A$$ this generation, now that Obright’s is practically a one-off machine with all the latest gadgets.

    • schneider says:

      I want to think that AGE has something for everyone, but in reality people from both sides of the camp (kids and serious fans) shun it for various reasons. There’s a pertinent comment in Ogiue Maniax explaining why it isn’t capturing the hearts of its target audience and Gundam fans.

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