6 Awesome Matches in SaiMecha 2012

An awesome picture of GP03 Dendrobium Stamen floating in space

[pixiv source]

SaiMecha 2012’s brackets have been posted, and already I can feel my arteries constricting. I love all these mechs (though not equally), but I will be forced to choose one out of two at a time. How agonizing! The only good course of action is to disregard any serious metric and vote entirely with the intention of making the biggest number of mecha fans MAD.

That said, there’s a lot of interesting matchups that could happen (or will happen, in the case of the last two in this list), and here they are!

1. Mazinger Z vs Mazinkaiser SKL

What more can you ask for? This is old versus new, God versus Devil. Fantastic robots, fantastic shows. Heaven and earth must move for this to happen!

Likelihood: Medium


2. Arbalest vs Gundam Exia

The battle of the child soldier pilots? Granted, this isn’t SaiPilot, but I think it’s a very interesting matchup. Will all of Exia’s blades be of use in a gunfight? Can Lambda Driver out-hax Trans-Am? Gundam Exia is one of the more unique offerings that the Gundam franchise has of late, but the Arbalest is all-around a solid contender (check out that last tournament).

Likelihood: Low (unless everyone troll-votes the Arbalest over Gurren Lagann, like me)

What I’ll vote for: Arbalest

3. RahXephon vs Takemikazuchi

For the last time, Take is the Sora no Woto tank, not the Muv Luv robot! Both have music underneath their sleeves: RahXephon has its haunting songs, and Take has a hi-fi sound system and… Amazing Grace. God forbid they have a rap battle instead.

Likelihood: Very low

Whom I’ll vote for: The one from the best mecha anime of the past decade (hint: it aired in 2009)

4. Gouf Custom vs GP03 Dendrobium

Federation versus Zeon, anyone? Both are popular mechs from UC Gundam OVAs. The Gouf Custom is that elite badass unit, while the Dendrobium is FINAL BOSS tier. Even the pilots themselves are pretty damn good! Say what you will about Kou Uraki’s hate of carrots, but he grew up to be a really skilled pilot.

Likelihood: High

What I’ll vote for: The good old Dendrobium.

5. Shin Getter Robo vs Zeorymer

Maaaan. One is piloted by a batshit-insane trio, the other is piloted by a rapist. Both are the territory of super robot hipsters and hardcore SRW players. Whoever wins, everyone loses.

Likelihood: It’s in the bracket, silly!

What I’ll vote for: Zeorymer, because it would be most hilarious if it won!

6. Turn A Gundam vs Tauburn

I nominated both of these things. It’s heart-wrenching for them to fight like this. But look at them! Turn A, the mustached robot, able to transport cows and perform household chores on a giant-sized scale. Tauburn, the elegant duelist, one of the few mechs bad enough to sport a plume. It’s a shame that only one of them could take their classiness to the next round of the tournament.

Likelihood: It’s in the bracket, baka!

What I’ll vote for: Leaning on Turn A.

How about you, fellow SaiMecha participant? Do you have any dream matches that you want seeing? Tell us about them!

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12 Responses to 6 Awesome Matches in SaiMecha 2012

  1. “What I’ll vote for: Arbalest”



  2. JoeQ says:

    Fuck Lambda Drivers and TORANSAM. If you gotta hax, then HAX BEYOND THE IMPOSSIBLE!

    Troll-voting is the cancer killing Sai Getter ;_;

  3. whatsht says:

    I think a match between Getter and Aquarion would hilarious, the getterfags would be complaining about how Aquarion rips off Getter and the Aquarionfags would complain about Getter being not ridiculous enough.

    • schneider says:

      The Aquarionfags would complain about Getter being passe and boring and only SRW players care about it.

      The Getterfags would complain about Aquarion having too much teenagers doing stupid teenage things and stupid fanservice and being too OP with a 1-14 ranged attack in SRW.

      • The Mugen Punch being 1-14 is reasonable, if the Mugen Punch had infinite range like its name suggest, Aquarion would be overpowered. To be honest, I gave Aquarion some items in SRW to increase the range for all of its attacks.

        • schneider says:

          Mugen Punch is soooooooooo strong I can wipe out two grunts right on the very first turn. Not to mention Aquarion is so easy to upgrade to broken strength once you get the pilots to Ace status…

        • The flower punch attack, with ace pilots and maxed out stats, along with the spirit thing that boosts the attack, has a crazy damage.

  4. Anya says:

    DENDROBIUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! The thing standing in the way is the FUCKING TACHIKOMA where all the FUCKING MOEFANS voted for it last year and might ruin it this year again.

  5. Matt Wells says:

    Of all possible GARhalla matches this year I REALLY want to see Scopedog VS. Zaku II. We lost out on that matchup last year and it looks like the same will happen again this year. My other favourite hypothetical match? Giant Robo VS. Dai-Guard. The robots in question are so ugly that evryone except Super-fags ragequit the entire tournament.

    I feel like I should make a big impassioned argument that all the blatant troll voting inherent to Sai-Mecha devalues it as a pure celebration of the wondrous aesthetics of these beautiful mechs, replacing them with cheap cancer jokes and forced memes (much like /m/ in fact). On the other hand, trolling is funny as fuck, and Kawamori fags blow dicks in alleyways for crack money, so I must iteriate; fuck that noise, this shit iz ON.

    • schneider says:

      Okay, troll mode is off.

      I wouldn’t mind a Scopedog VS Zaku II rematch too, but it’ll be tough. But I genuinely like both mechs (Scopedog much more so), so I’d aim for that match with a clear conscience.

      The problem with voting based on aesthetics is that no two mecha fans will agree on a standard of beauty. The Sinanju has been slammed as a busy, over-designed machine almost as often as it’s praised as a thing of beauty. I like it, but I do acknowledge that the criticism is valid and that Katoki needs to lay off on the panel lines.

      I’m trying for a more interesting tournament that is less about blind allegiance to shows/franchises/robot types (Gundam/Macross/Super Robot bloc-voting will make for an incredibly boring tournament), and more about making interesting matches possible. Does that make sense? I really like Delphine, but I’m supporting Mazinkaiser SKL because Mazinger Z vs Mazinkaiser SKL would be an incredible matchup. At the end of the day, I love all these mechs, and no SaiMecha will ever change that. It’s just that for SaiMecha, there are better choices to be made, for a more interesting tournament.

      Also, rage generates more passion and publicity, which means more voting.

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