Do I Need To Watch the Prequel?

A picture of Eureka in the Eureka Seven AO OP

I’d really like to recommend Eureka Seven AO to people. It’s pretty, it’s breathtaking, and the unfolding story is great so far. But I find myself steeling against the inevitable question: “Do I need to watch [the original] Eureka Seven before watching this?”

There’s your problem. Our problem, as mecha fans.

Reviving an anime more than a couple of years old is tough work. One will inevitably expect viewers to turn to familiar ground–the original series, which may or may not explain mysterious elements. What is the Scub Coral? What is Trapar? Why did Ao’s hair turn blue? And since there’s an predecessor setting expectations, the new show has a lot to prove. We can’t even tell if AO is a direct sequel to Eureka Seven, or some warped alternate-universe thing like the disastrous A Pocket Full of Rainbows movie. The latest episode offers more questions than answers.

A grainy photo of an unknown mecha

While I’m glad at this new trend (Aquarion EVOL is good, and while not purely mecha, Last Exile Fam ended up grossly mediocre) of original anime revivals, I hope that anime studios would still take the time to create brand-new works. AO and EVOL are shoo-ins for a future Super Robot Wars game, but what about new material? As a mecha fan, my hunger for the season is covered, but I’m hoping for something novel to come.

And nothing like Rinne no Lagrange or Guilty Crown, please.

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15 Responses to Do I Need To Watch the Prequel?

  1. Quizoxy says:


    Go ahead in watching the first season aka [交響詩篇エウレカセブン] Symphonic Psalms Eureka Seven. Although it’s a little lengthy (50ep), it is quite amazing to watch, with the prior plot of Eureka, Nirvash aka MK1 and lots more of characters. It allows one to truly understand the transformation of Nirvash and everything about Coralians, cub croal, trapar, LFO, Seven Swell and lot more technical terms within the story.

    EurekaSevenAO episode 0 also partially summarize the climax of the first season, worth the watch too!

    • schneider says:

      Actually, the original Eureka Seven anime is one of my all-time favorites. Sorry for not making that clear!

      I’ve not watched that episode 0, but I’d think it would be a disservice for newcomers to be spoiled by the ending of the original… It’s a great ride.

      • Quizoxy says:

        Awesome! Seems like I have found someone with similar thoughts somehow! Indeed, I find episode 0 more suitable to those whom have cleared the first season. It was also stated as Ep51 of the first season within the episode.

  2. Shinmaru says:

    “And nothing like . . . Guilty Crown, please.”
    Surely, you jest!

  3. MAGICAL☆BIRDY says:


  4. rockmanshii says:

    I got into a few discussions on IRC and all about this these days, as Evol and AO are airing. I have to warn you though, frankly, I’m biased about all this, watching the prequel before the sequel is just common sense for me. So I always get into arguments with those who freely says stuff like “Evol as no ties with the original Aquarion, you can watch it just fine”. How the hell could you know that while EVOL hasn’t ended yet? I mean, maybe the final episode will feature the original Aquarion along with the one in EVOL mugen punching stuff together. But then again there’s the problem of the prequel being “old” etc that you brought up so yeah. Damn.

    I actually never watched the original Aquarion, as back when it aired I was the type of guy who judged things on their first episodes and both my bro and I decided to drop it after seeing a “typical shounen guy piloting an Eva while orgasmic in bad CG” but now that I’m not like that anymore I’ve been planning to watch it, then EVOL.
    About Eureka 7 well, to be honest, I never really liked it.. I didn’t even watch all of it… So I’m not watching AO either. Contrary to Aquarion it’s not a problem of judging things too fast, Eureka 7 is actually one of the few where I just can’t stand the chara design. (it’s not on the levels of Mitsudomoe and Horizon though, I just can’t bear looking at these) Maybe I’ll try rewatching it all later… (The fact that I’m currently playing SRW Z helps too)

    • schneider says:

      Not a fan of Ken’ichi Yoshida designs, I guess? See, your less-than-favorable impression on Eureka Seven actually dissuaded you from watching AO. This is the tragedy happening right now. I’m personally a completist, so I’d really like it if I saw everything prior to a sequel show, no matter how accessible it is.

      The reason why I think I can get away with telling people it’s fine to watch EVOL without having seen Aquarion is because the latter is merely mediocre. None of the characters were particularly likeable (they were all kinda dicks, and there was this creepy incest angle that’s at least downplayed in EVOL), and the show didn’t looke that good either. But yeah, they showed footage of Aquarion in EVOL, which ended with me shaking my head. I don’t want to be reminded of that forgettable show, what with the fun I’m having right now.

      Now, if you want a sequel/remake done right, there’s Steel God Jeeg. It rewrites the ending to the old 70’s show, ties it up without harassing you to watch the original, and brings back the old main character without stealing thunder away from the new one.

      • rockmanshii says:

        Hhmmm naaaah, I liked his designs in Overman King Gainer. I like the massive foreheads of Sara and Cynthia but then I don’t like Eureka’s. I guess I’m just weird.
        I understand your point about the original Aquarion. I still want to watch it though. Maybe I’m also a completist.

  5. Anon-kun says:

    Don’t you like lesbians in robots and horrible train wrecks?

  6. sadakups says:

    Yes, you must. Although right now, I feel that AO is like an AU more than a direct sequel considering how different it is from the original. How it connects together is something I’d like to see though.

    I do admit, there are some things that the prequel does more interesting than AO. The setting’s more intesting, the characters are likeable, and the mecha battles are much fun to watch.

    In short, go watch it.

    • schneider says:

      I quite like the mecha vs kaiju battles in AO. They provide a different dynamic between the pilots and their handlers (Ao often bristles with authority WRT saving lives), which is something I’d like to see more in my mecha anime. But right now, the original cast is loads better.

  7. Yeah, I’d have to say no to new people for watching the original as I’ve fallen pitfall to expecting too much from the original to pop up. I keep on expecting more info on what happened to everybody in E7, especially Eureka, but this show barely even teases it. It doesn’t help that I’m not really attached to any of the new characters and each episode ends surprisingly abruptly. At least the music and animation is top notch.

    • Basically, I started watching E7:AO for my E7 fix. All I’ve learned from watching so far is that I just need to start rewatching E7 for that fix. Its also prolly what I’m gonna do for my IM@S fix instead of going into Xenoglossia.

      Or maybe I just need to face it and readjust my expectations for AO like you did for Xenoglossia before its too late and become too angry like I did with Pocketful of Rainbows which was just ugh.

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