That Moment in Eureka Seven AO

A shot of the Nirvash's cockpit in 1st-person view.

[Spoilers for episode 12]

I found my interest for Eureka Seven AO to be decreasing lately. I dislike Truth as a villain (as I dislike villains with inscrutable, godlike powers), and was mildly annoyed at the Elena Peoples intrigue in the previous week.

Then I watched episode 12.

AO, as a sequel, has been good at hiding the whereabouts of its previous characters, but they let up today as they show us not one, not two, but three old friends.

A shot of the Scub Coral bursting, revealing the Gekko-Go

I recognized the Gekko-Go right off the bat. How did it got there? What did Naru and Truth do? Oh, it’s gonna be used for something exciting.

A shot of Nirvash beckoning Ao's Nirvash to stand up.

And then the original Nirvash decides to show up, as humanlike as its initial appearance in the first episode of the original Eureka Seven. “I’ll teach you how it goes,” it seems to say.

A shot of Eureka, looking more Coralian than she did in flashbacks.

Then, Eureka. “Mom!” (Now, I suspect this Eureka to be different from the Eureka that Ao knows, because she looks younger and innocent, but let’s leave that one hanging.)

The direction of this show has become unclearer than ever. It still has yet to capture the magic of its predecessor. It may never do so, and spectacularly fail in the process. But I don’t care about that, not right now. Because this moment, this scene of two Nirvashes using the Gekko-Go as a ballute/surfboard for atmospheric reentry?

Right now, I’m just perfectly happy. And this moment will stay with me forever.

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5 Responses to That Moment in Eureka Seven AO

  1. omo says:

    I heard about the spoiler so I caught up to this show today just so I can read these things about the spoiler.

    Well, I am with you in terms of enjoying seeing the whole of Gekko-go emerging from that coral. I’m not sure about the rest of it; the preview shows some motherly glances from Eureka which also reminds me how Kaori Nazuka is also a new mom as of about half a year ago. It’s totally fabulous.

    So far I’ve been enjoying E7Ao; it’s way less dreary than the original at this point, although I really enjoy the goofball episodes from the original. There hasn’t bee that one outstanding comedy filler ep in Ao that’s worth mentioning.

    • schneider says:

      Oh yeah! Kaori Nazuka is a mom! That just makes her role more meaningful, huh?

      She’s gonna be sooooooo confused next week.

      Also you mean the soccer episode, right? That was the shit.

  2. r042 says:

    This was one hell of an episode; I had a big dumb grin on my face right from the moment grey-Nirvash ripped the dragon-box Secret apart from the inside, up to the surfing on the Gekko (my mind added Storywriter in the background, that would have made it even more awesome) and then my jaw dropped at “I’m Eureka.”

    If the rest of the show can keep that sort of intensity up in its revelations and action, it will be truly great.

    Oddly though it’s episodes 11-12 of the original series where it really kicks into overdrive, what with the Gekko going into space, and Anemone turning up.

    • schneider says:

      The only real thing missing from that scene was Storywriter, yes. But true E7 fans can inject that to anything at will!

      I just hope it’s not one big reveal after another and then stupid ending like Star Driver. Grrr.

      • r042 says:

        I liked Star Driver’s ending – it seemed entirely fitting with the show. Perhaps it was underwhelming but I did like it.

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