AKB0048 Sensei Sensei SPECULAH Special

Takamina holding a DES soldier off with a micsaber.

AKB0048 ended, but a second season is all but guaranteed. I’m a little annoyed that some of the plot threads got conveniently resolved (hello Takamina), but the set-piece more than made up for it. But until Suzuko becomes the next Tsubasa, I won’t be entirely satisfied!

Much of the inner workings of the show have still been left unresolved. Perhaps the biggest mystery I’m invested in is the identity of Sensei Sensei, which may or may not lead to the original AKB48 legend. Actually, I’m not too keen with knowing the latter, as it’s probably going to be AKB48 fanwank crap (surprise us, Kawamori!), but Sensei Sensei is… something. Ghostlightning says he’s Gepelnitch, having found a way to harvest Spiritia using harmless less-harmful means. Or maybe he’s an immortal Yasushi Akimoto. Since it’s still a year until the sequel, let’s speculate!

Here’s my theory: Sensei Sensei is Slaanesh.

Sensei Sensei is trying to lead humanity into decadence and ruin so that he may consume all their souls. The Kirara are his daemons, supplying him with the adulation that idols receive from their fans. Idol fandom is often likened to cult worship; their fans drive themselves to serious heights of zeal, so much that they would wield guns and mecha to fight an overwhelming foe.

Sensei Sensei’s ultimate goal, however, is to create a huge, galaxy-wide orgy so that he could spring out from the Immaterium and start devouring humanity in earnest. DES knows this, so they came up with the Entertainment Ban to starve Sensei Sensei of souls. DES is trying to keep humanity from being consumed. DES was right all along!

This also explains what happens to Center Novae when they disappear. They simply ascend to daemonhood, becoming Sensei-Sensei’s own daemon princesses. Mikako (the photographer) knew this and is afraid of what the continued existence of Center Novae would bring. Don’t do it, Tsubasa! Don’t bring back the Center Nova position without knowing full well what it entails!

Well, that’s mine, crazy as it may sound. What’s your own idea?

Mayuyu firing her gun-arm

PS: Mayuyu needs her own spinoff.

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14 Responses to AKB0048 Sensei Sensei SPECULAH Special

  1. r042 says:

    Well damn now I need to do an AKB0048 unit of Chaos Cultists once the new codex comes out. I may repaint my Inquisitorial Guardsmen as DES soldiers…

  2. zaitcev says:

    Suzuko for Tsubasa would be an ill-conceived move, considering what she’s done to Makoto. She’s too much of a nerd with precious little human touch. We need a second-string member who’s smart, but not scheming; firm, but not bullying; and one with world knowledge. Suzuko is not off to a good start. Unfortunately, I cannot name anyone of the current cast: the understudies are too young, and did not have enough screen time to see their basic smarts, while current members are even less known.

    • schneider says:

      I suppose she will get better at it. However, I find it unlikely for the sequel to actually have Suzuko succeed Tsubasa, unless something really bad happens. Maybe have Tsubasa take her as an apprentice or something? What I like about the whole thing is Suzuko’s desire to be support staff, in an environment that encourages girls to succeed their idol betters.

      • Taka says:

        That’s an interesting thought we haven’t really established who we think the next understudies will succeed. If they are going to succeed the current group the two known currently open slots are Mariko Shinoda and Minami Minegishi. However we don’t know how many other open slots there are. We don’t know if there was a Matsui Jurina the 5th or Tomomi Kasai the 9th that the girls could succeed.

        What we’ve sort of established:
        Nagisa->Probably Acchan
        Chieri->Likely Yuuko

        So who are the rest? Thinking about it none of them are very obvious. Also really neither Nagisa or Chieri are like their supposed counterparts.

        Maybe Mariko for Suzuko since she is somewhat like Tsubasa and the real Mariko actually is a bit of a jokester like Suzuko. Mimori is a bit like Kojima while Makoto’s personality is somewhat like Kashiwagi Yuki (in the anime anyway). Sonata I have no goddamn idea, maybe Minegishi. That leaves…Orine, Yuuka, and Megu. The only known spots left are: Akimoto, Mayuyu, Miyazawa, and Tomomi. Likely Tomomi family ain’t giving up this sweet gig with their creepy clone Tomomi army so…Orine as Miyazawa, and Yuuka as Akimoto. Mayuyu is some kind of robot cyborg that they just upgrade when new tech comes out so Megu gets the shaft.

  3. whatshtisthis says:

    Given that WOTA stands for World Over Technology Association, I’m suspecting that AKB0048 is actually Macross in disguise. There is also the theory that says that every anime done by Kawamori is actually linked in this crazy timeline.

    • r042 says:

      SSSS is actually Fudo.

      No lie I’d totally watch some kind of insane crossover Kawamori thing with like AKB0048, Fire Bomber and Sheryl and Ranka singing while all the Valkyries and WOTA team up with Aquarion.

      • whatshtisthis says:

        Imagine this, AKB, Sheryl, Ranka and Basara works together to liberate entertainment, AKB does it their style, Sheryl and Ranka team up and sing duets, Basara works on his own because he is too unpredictable. S.M.S is hired to protect them, Neo-DEAVA works on making machines that can run on idol radiance. Then they develop this Valkyrie Aquarion which is formed by 3 Valkyries, the first gattai phrase they shout? “Crossover Union, Go! Aquarion!”

        • schneider says:

          But what about Arjuna? (Who am I kidding, nobody cares about Arjuna, right? Right?)

        • whatshtisthis says:

          Insert it in on your own, as long as it’s ridiculous it will work. I need to get some time to watch all of Kawamori’s work and see how much trolling has he pulled off.

    • schneider says:

      World Over Technology Association? wtf??

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