A Bro Needs Answers, So I Give ‘Em (An Interrogation Game)

Momiji the Poverty God with glasses and a lab coat

Digibro tagged me in this anime blogger interrogation game. I usually don’t do these stuff, seeing that most of them ask too many questions, but five is a sweet spot.

Without further ado:

1. Right now, how connected do you feel with the anime blogosphere? Do you feel like you are a part of the community, or an outlier? Do you feel relevant?

Good question. I talk to bloggers and SCCSAV members on Twitter. For the latter, it’s my way of making up to not being able to attend SCCSAV events, because my schedule and timezone differences make it impractical. But they’re fine people, so I always enjoying conversing with them.

As for feeling like a part of the community, yes. I’m more comfortable with my standing today–I know enough people who are cool in my book, and the cool people whom I don’t know usually make themselves known to me. It’s not like back in 2008-09 where it was me who had to do the chasing. This may sound a little elitist, but that’s not what I mean. I’m just comfortable with my current network and feel less of a need to go suck up to other bloggers. And I can’t even reliably comment nowadays!

I prefer not to think too much on the “being relevant (to the blogosphere)” part. That usually entails participating in other things, like blogging about hot shows or collaborating with other bloggers. What’s most important is that the blog be relevant to me. I don’t want to fire up my dashboard one day, read my recent posts, and realize that even I wouldn’t read these stuff!

2. The era of blogs may be coming to an end. New social media services are coming which will combine the best functions of services like blogs, tumblr, twitter, and reddit. What would be the ideal form of social media service to you? Do you like the current model of blogs, twitter, and tumblr, or are you super excited to ditch that noise?

I like the current setup of social media services as it is now. There are people whose blogs I read but don’t follow on Twitter, and vice versa. This is because there are interesting people who will write posts that I have little interest in, and there are great bloggers I read who will have the most uninteresting tweets.

I’ll read what I want, and separate services allow me to opt out with ease.

3. Are you satisfied with the way you watch anime now? If you had a different lifestyle, would you change the way that you watch anime, or is the way you watch more based around what shows are on the air? (To rephrase: do you wish you could watch more shows? Do you think you’re already watching too many? Etc.)

Anime is my main source of entertainment, over games and books. Yet I feel like I’m watching too many airing shows. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy them for the most part, but sometimes I just feel swamped when I realize I’m behind on a few shows. I don’t have as much free time as I had a few years ago, because I’m taking on more responsibilities at work.

What I want to have more time for is watching older anime. I want to tackle long shows like Daitarn III, Dougram, or hell, even a rewatch of Dragon Ball.

4. Getting into the really important question: what would you like to see from me [Digibro] in the future? . . . I’m asking, what do YOU want to see me write about? What, if I posted it, would make you really glad to see me writing something like that?

For Digibro:

I enjoy reading your honest opinions on shows. You didn’t care if everyone thought a show did it well, if you hated it, then you’d call attention to it. I may not agree with them. I will not agree with them. But they’re your opinion, and your blog reflects who you are. That’s something I respect. We’re good friends, yet our tastes are so different! To me, this is a celebration of anime’s diversity.

For other bloggers:

Really, just write about a topic you really love. I will know it. Readers will know it. If you’re thinking about “that blog post you would love to read”, then why not write it yourself? Feel you’re not yet up to it? Then learn! What I love about blogging is that it surprises you with what you can do with it. There aren’t really any rules.

The reverse holds true: I hate reading posts that the author just wrote because they felt obligated to. This is why I usually don’t follow episodic post series, because there will be an episode in the show wherein the blogger will get mad at, and just phone in something really half-baked or worse, a lengthy tirade on why it’s bad and You Should Feel Bad.

5. What has got you by the balls right now, in life?

I’m big on Warhammer 40k fiction and Japanese mahjong nowadays. The former, because I’m obsessed with its grimdark universe. I love the concept of how humanity is trying its darnedest to get by when innumerable threats assault them from within and without. I also love the Horus Heresy series, which to me is the LOGH of tie-in fiction. The tragedy is just amazing, and it has a huge cast of memorable characters on both sides of the war.

As for Japanese mahjong… It’s funny that I merely picked it up in the hopes of understanding Saki more, yet it’s quickly become a favorite on its own. It’s a game of skill. There’s luck involved, but you win because you’re more efficient with your tiles and deal in less. When you win, it’s because you created your own luck through your skill, and it’s a satisfying feeling. I can’t get enough of it!

* * *

Momiji and Ichiko looking like Hokuto no Ken characters

Here are my questions. As most of the people I want to answer have already been tagged, or are wary of making meta posts like these, just comment on this post. (You’re gonna comment, right? Right?) And you don’t need to be tagged to answer!

I am tagging:

  1. ghostlightning of We Remember Love
  2. animekritik of Kritik Der Animationskraft
  3. otou-san of Shameful Otaku Secret!
  4. Digibro of My Sword Is Unbelievably Dull
  5. RP Webster of Ideas Without End

1. Do you have anime that you want to watch, but couldn’t? What is this anime, and why can’t you watch it? (It should exist.)

Combat Mecha Xabungle, but there aren’t enough subs… It’s a LOLTOMINO show with a lighter mood than his popular works, and the protagonist’s robot chucks an ICBM back at its enemies. I would love to see it in its entirety.

2. What things would you like every anime fan to know?

That art is different from animation, and that Sunrise is a conglomeration of several studios. It infuriates me to see people get these wrong.

Also, it’s not enough to say “Sunrise sucks!” Well, which studio of Sunrise sucks? “All of them” is not a valid answer either!

3. What show needs to have more fans? And why doesn’t it have many fans in the first place?

I’d go with Bartender. It’s the classiest anime ever. People don’t watch it because a) it’s a  low-key show with few hooks to grab most anime fans, b) there’s this notion that people go to a bar in order to get wasted and/or laid.

4. What wouldn’t you mind seeing in any anime? To rephrase: what makes everything better?

Imber being a loving robot

Giant robots. Duh. Seriously, I’ve been able to finish shows I wouldn’t have without them. I mean, Xenoglossia turned out to be pretty good, with some interesting ideas when it came to the mecha.

5. What’s the most unpopular opinion you have? What kind of flak did you receive for it?

I’ve never said this before, but I’d rather watch Macross 7 than Macross Plus. Scattering Minovsky Particles now!

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15 Responses to A Bro Needs Answers, So I Give ‘Em (An Interrogation Game)

  1. r042 says:

    Whoa! I have been tagged in this!

    Time to get cracking.

  2. r042 says:

    1. Do you have anime that you want to watch, but couldn’t? What is this anime, and why can’t you watch it? (It should exist.)

    I’d really, really like to watch something like SPT Layzner as it was originally intended to be aired; the series wasn’t finished and was completed via some OVAs, but there’s always the feeling that it would have been better if the original idea had been run to completion.

    2. What things would you like every anime fan to know?

    It’s completely fine to like things as long as you accept they might not be high quality – and liking something doesn’t make it high-quality.

    3. What show needs to have more fans? And why doesn’t it have many fans in the first place?

    I’d say The Mars Daybreak; on the surface (haha pun intended) it’s a sort of “journey with the odd robot involved” mecha show in the vein of King Gainer, Eureka Seven et al, but it’s got real heart and some nicely non-stereotypical characters. For a start, the ship captain is a woman I figured to be in her 40s-50s and who kicks a lot of ass.

    4. What wouldn’t you mind seeing in any anime? To rephrase: what makes everything better?

    The little details that make a world come to life; I’ve mentioned a lot in my articles on Eureka Seven how believable the world is because of the silly filler episodes and pointless stuff – they make it something beyond a setting for action.

    5. What’s the most unpopular opinion you have? What kind of flak did you receive for it?

    Well, outside of the fact my blog seems to explode into life when I mention sexism and violence in games, here goes:

    1) Crest of the Stars is rubbish and Lafiel being cute as a button doesn’t make her interesting because Jinto is such a black hole of blandness and bad voice acting.
    2) Irresponsible Captain Tylor is OK but not a must-watch.

    Oddly, though, the one that I’ve had the most immediate feedback on:

    3) Dirty Pair Flash is not very good.

    • schneider says:

      Oh, I didn’t know SPT Layzner TV was incomplete, and that the OVAs are essential for the complete story. I hope the fansubs get done in our lifetime!

      I like Mars Daybreak. Few mecha anime brave the deep seas or merely gloss it over, but Mars Daybreak makes it interesting. It also has a girl voiced by Akino Murata, the seiyuu of Sochie Heim from Turn A Gundam!

      5.1. Lol Jinto
      5.2. Never saw Tylor. Isn’t it kind of an anime Flashman/Ciaphas Cain?
      5.3. I only read the first DP novel. It’s ok, but I wouldn’t know about this show either.

      • r042 says:

        Tylor is like Ciaphas Cain but with a bit less personality, and a lot more “coincidentally something useful happened” and chain reactions of slapstick chaos. As a result the show’s not half as fun to watch as it should be because the punchlines are really, really predictable.

    • Matt Wells says:

      Seconding the opinion on Tylor. Given the storied reputation that show has, the actual reality was something of a let down. There’s a few moments of brilliance right at the start and at the very end, and Kenji Kawaii writes a hell of a score, but it doesn’t compensate for the appalling blandness that makes up the majority of the series.

  3. Kraker2k says:

    >1. Do you have anime that you want to watch, but couldn’t? What is this anime, and why can’t you watch it? (It should exist.)
    Platinumhugen Ordian. I can’t watch it because there is no proper English release nor and legible fansub. What I’ve managed to find is a very hodhepodge attempt by fansubbers from the early 00s that are not sure what’s being said and are not all that interested.
    While I’m interested mainly because it’s an Obari directed show, I’ve read from people that the first half is quite good, unusually good for an Obari show as his stories are never is strongest point, the first half is pretty much a real robot show that explores interesting themes like a solider stuck behind enemy lines and then witnessing a massacre of innocent civilians and the toll it has on the MC.
    It’s been called “Obari’s Evangelion” as the second half ramps up the nonsense meter and things get very super robot-like. Ordian uses Norse mythology (vs Eva’s Christianity) to have lots of complex storylines play out.
    Those people that have seen the terrible fansubs of the show call it one of the worst shows they’ve seen – I can understand that given the subs rarely tell you what’s going on leave key plot points out on a complex show, this only makes things worse. The final straw is the fansubs leave out the epilogue meaning the last episode just ends very abruptly giving no closure to the story.

    >2. What things would you like every anime fan to know?
    Hmm, a tough one, I’d say just don’t take it all very seriously. Yeah anime is popular in Japan, but it’s still mostly a nerd hobby or something you saw during childhood. Not everyone in Japan watches Naruto or knows what Bleach is.

    >3. What show needs to have more fans? And why doesn’t it have many fans in the first place?
    Tentai Senshi Sunred, a very well made comedy about a super hero that’s past his years a bit, he lives with his fiance and the local bad guys are always trying to take over the world, only to be thwarted by Sunred. Why few fans? Probably because the lead character looks like “a Power Ranger” and the artstyle seems very low budget.

    >4. What wouldn’t you mind seeing in any anime? To rephrase: what makes everything better?
    Characters that are a little more defined and not just wimpy joes made to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Amata from EVOL is a prime example of what I mean. Same goes for female characters too, to not just be a ticklist item that gets otaku fired up about them, but to have something that makes them interesting.

    >5. What’s the most unpopular opinion you have? What kind of flak did you receive for it?
    1) I didn’t really like all the nudity in Mardock Scramble that much, for me it makes the series not as enjoyable. For some scenes I can understand, but there are many scenes where the girl is just naked for no real reason. The only thing I can fathom is it’s in there for the sake of some kind of twisted fanservice. For something that tries to be as serious as Mardock Scramble it just clashes.

    2) I didn’t think Disappearance of Haruhi was all that great. Perhaps I was sucked into all the hype when it came out, expecting a masterpiece. Yeah there are some great moments, but overall it’s way too long and slow in places. Pacing needed to be tightened up a bit. I understand it’s an adaptation of a novel, but you don’t go and adapt every single page for a movie.

    >and bad voice acting.
    Well, have you tried switching to the sub? The dub of that show is not all that good.

    • r042 says:

      I tried switching to sub but still found it very bland.

    • schneider says:

      1. This is interesting. I’ve seen the title in some mecha anime lists, but nothing beyond that. What a shame.
      3. I love Sunred! I grew up to super sentai, along with most people my age here.
      5.1. I’ve seen the first movie and read the novel. It’s quite like that, really. Also, Welldone the Pussyhand.
      5.2. The movie is indeed very long for an anime movie (the longest to date, I’m told). Kyon’s epic monologue saved the last part for me.

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  5. r042 says:

    Incidentally, I may not be leaving a post on my blog, but here are FIVE EXCITING QUESTIONS TO ANSWER for all involved here. Note: May not be entirely serious.

    1) Sheryl or Ranka or VF25?
    2) In your view, how do you become Gundam?
    3) Can you do the Kira~ hand gesture without looking it up?
    4) Do you prefer “silly” Universal Century (0079 TV, ZZ, Crossbone) or deadly serious UC (Zeta, Unicorn)
    5) What would happen if Lelouch used his Geass to tell Chirico to die?

    • Digibro says:

      1. VF-25
      2. You are what you eat, so…
      3. Of course
      4. Who in god’s name would prefer ZZ?
      5. Why, is Chirico immortal?

    • schneider says:

      1. VF-25.
      2. It depends on what kind of Gundam you’re piloting. In Gundam 00, Setsuna wanted to “become Gundam” because Gundam is essentially his God, and so he fought those who tarnished the name of Gundam. But if you want to, say, be Master Gundam then your Kung Fu must be invincible.
      3. Of course…
      4. I’d prefer serious UC, mainly because those tend to be of higher quality. BUT too much of it is bad so I’d mix it up with good, silly stuff (0079 TV and Crossbone, not ZZ).
      5. Lelouch’s Geass would short out and he’ll lose its power. TAKE THAT!

  6. animekritik says:

    Here are my answers to schneider:

    1. None. If there’s a series I really want to watch but haven’t it’s really pure laziness on my part.
    2. The burden to understand and get into a series that is not what you’re used to (because of the era it was made in, or because of the genre it belongs to, or whatever) is not on the series. It’s on you.
    3. Marmalade Boy. Actually, it had legions of fans at one point, but maybe they all died of old age I don’t know.
    4. Fantasy languages/scripts. Anime doesn’t nearly do enough of these though.
    5. I don’t tend to stress unpopular opinions when I have them, so I don’t really get flak for having them..

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